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OMFG Snickers Have Collab’d With Krispy Kreme, So Get Ready To Dough-Nuts


It’s an understandable time to be hangry, but presenting the cure to your COVID crisis, a Krispy Kreme x Snickers juicy doughie! Okay. Maybe not the cure, but just a sweet indulgence in a tough time.

Krispy Kreme are launching two new limited-edition doughnuts; the Snickers Ring Doughnut and the the Snickers Inspired Filled Doughnut. It’s the latest choccy-collab, after their Malteaser special earlier this year.

Just LOOK at these chocolatey delights in all of their beauty.

The exclusive doughies will be available for a limited time only, available at select Krispy Kreme
Australia stores from Tuesday 2nd June, and at 7-Eleven Australia stores from this Saturday 30th May if you are desperate for that nutty-caramel hit.

And look while we have two doughies, for me there is one true winner.

The Snickers Ring Doughnut is cute and all, but it’s basically a normal glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut with a choc ganache, and a fun-size Snickers bar on top.

But if you want something special, something Reynold-esque, you just MUST sink into the Snickers Inspired Filled Doughnut.

Minus points for the lacklustre doughie name it has to be said, I mean we had so much potential. The Snicky Dicky Doughie, the Sneaky Snickers Snack, perhaps just THE NUT.

Or you could really go full Reynold (or anyone describing a dish on MasterChef tbh), and roll with a Hey judges, this is my ‘Snickers Bar’; a double fried and tempered doughnut layer, with a rich infused mum’s caramel, hibachi grilled-peanuts done two ways, covered in a silky layer of chocolate emulsion that’s been rested.

I was lucky enough to have a cheeky nibble on the Snickers Inspired Filled Doughnut this morning (judge me, I dare you), but it honestly replicates that iconic Snickers flavour in doughnut form.

It’s a process which Krispy Kreme’s Food Technologist, Tasha Kaur, says requires close collaboration to get just right.

“From the gooey caramel, to the roasted peanuts, we worked together with Snickers to make a unique creation with the most well-loved flavours and ingredients from each iconic recipe,”

“We’re incredibly excited to put it to the ultimate taste-test with our Aussie fans” she said.

And honestly, cheers to that. As restrictions slowly ease, and something representing ‘normal life’ resurfaces, may the sweet treats continue to roll on in.

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