Undefeated Boxing Champ Floyd Mayweather Is Gonna Fight Youtuber Logan Paul, Lol WHAT?

But Logan Paul can’t even beat another YOUTUBER?!

In absolutely nuts news that proves we are living in a simulation controlled by illogical, chaotic aliens, Logan Paul is going to fight Floyd Mayweather.

Yep, Floyd bloody Mayweather. Undefeated boxing superstar. A machine who has won 50 of his 50 fights.

Floyd Mayweather is going to take on Logan Paul. A YouTuber. Infamous social media pest. By comparison, a boy who lost his one and only fight back in 2017, to another YouTuber.

It makes perfect sense.

The two will meet in a special exhibition boxing match broadcast live, exclusively on Fanmio PPV, on February 20, 2021 (which is probs February 21 for us in Australia, if you were keen).

One more time, to let it sink in, Floyd Mayweather (who won his last fight against Connor McGregor by TKO), is fighting Logan Paul (who lost his first and last fight against KSI). Is anything real anymore?

Both Mayweather and Paul confirmed the news today, sharing sharing the excessively dramatic promo clip promising a fight between “the champ” and “the maverick”.


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The reactions from the public fired in very quick, all centring around the same question: has Logan Paul lost his damn mind?

And though this isn’t necessarily a proper ‘fight’ in the sense of titles on the line. As far as research tells me, the exhibition match is literally a show. It’s a huge marketing ploy to show off the sport to new eyes. Hence, this absolutely bonkers pairing. They’re literally just fighting for show and for big, big (like, so ridiculously huge) bags of money.

If you wanted to pay to watch it, the subscription model starts off at $24.99. The prices will continue to rise the closer we get to the fight kick off? bell dinging? first knocks? (what’s the word here?)

As if we ever needed more proof that the world was run for macho men to show off what MANLY MANLY men they are (and get paid stupid amounts to do it), here it is.

Because this is absolutely what’s important in the world: getting an undisputed champion of a nuts (but, I guess, valid) sport to beat up a social media personality, and for both parties to be rewarded a stupidly ginormous pay check for what many predict will be an absolutely trash fight. That’s not me saying it, many boxing fans are already predicting a shamozzle. But, I digress.

Do what you want. Watch it, don’t watch it. Give whatever nut job is controlling this planet the satisfaction of watching millions watch two grown men who absolutely shouldn’t be hitting each other, hit each other for money.

I need to lie down.

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