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5 Obvious Signs That You And Your Friends Are The Best Thing That Happened To Each Other

Slay together, stay together.

I don’t care what people say – friend love is just as amazing as romantic love, and sometimes even better. With the right group of friends, you can tackle anything, because they’re all about empowering you and making you feel good.

We’ve partnered with headspace as part of our Green Flag series, turning our current obsession with red flags upside down to remind you of all the good things in life, too. Having good friends is a blessing like no other, and here’s our fave things about our friends!

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#1 They Hype You TF Up

If your friends aren’t commenting on your Instagram about how bomb you look, are they even your friends?! We LOVE it when our friends hype us up to feel like the best version of ourselves, and they do it outside of Instagram too! Do your friends always show up to support you when you have a big performance, or cheer you on when you’re about to jump a huge hurdle? Do they pretend to drop dead on the floor when you walked into the room at a party because goddamn, you look that good? Do they scream their love for you off rooftops, and constantly remind you what an absolute gem you are? That, my dude, is a huge green flag, and you should hang on to these guys because they’re keepers.

#2 They Know You Super Well

One of the best parts of a friendship is when you can just look at each other, and know what the other is thinking. Friends who know you so well that they can always tell when something is up, or they get you the perfect gift for your birthday, or they plan really great days out because they know you and what you like, are so validating. It’s great to have a friend that truly knows what you like and don’t like, and makes an effort to accommodate you without even asking. Friends can be soulmates too!

#3 You Can Totally Be Yourself Around Them

PJs, messy hair, crumbs on your mouth and haven’t showered for a day? The friends that say “lol same” instead of “ew” are the ones you know are ride or die. Let’s face it, we are not at our best every second of every day. Sometimes we’re a bit gross, or grumpy, or feeling really ratchet and that’s just fine. The best friends are the ones that hang with you at your worst, and love you all the same. They’re the ones you can be at your absolute worst with, and no one cares.

#4 You Can Always Reach Out To Them

Finding people who you feel comfortable communicating to when you’re feeling down or struggling is harder than it seems. It’s easy to feel insecure or like you’re bothering someone. This is a shout out to the friends who are always ready to hear you out and come to your aid. Bonus points if they notice something’s wrong before you’ve even said anything – that’s a god-tier friend right there.

#5 They Always Pull Through When You Need ‘Em

Being there when you’re having fun and hanging out is one thing, but friends that also stick around and support you when you’re a total mess? That’s love right there. Having friends that you can rely on is such a good feeling. When they never disappoint every time you need someone to lift you back on your feet, you know you’re in a good spot. Even silly stuff like always pulling through with the life-problem Maccas feed, or giving you a copy of the quiz answers when you need ’em counts too. Friends who are there for you when you’re both at your best and your worst are ones worth keeping.

Having great friends is honestly what life is about, and it’s something we really take for granted. If you feel like you struggle to show your friends just how much they mean to you, or you don’t really know how to support them, check out headspace for advice on all things to do with supporting friends.

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