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5 Reasons You Should Travel With Your Siblings

When you recall your family holidays as a child, you’re more than likely going to remember the endless squabbles and the play fights that turned into real ones that ALWAYS ended in tears. Now you’re all mature(ish) adults, and travelling with the sibs’ doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. In fact, it’s a perfect one. Although you may still tease the hell out of each other, you share a built-in bond with your siblings, making travelling a special experience that one day you’ll reminisce about when you’re old and grey.

#1 Quality Time

If you, like me, live thousands of miles (10,500 to be exact) from your siblings, then travelling with them is the perfect chance to spend some awesome quality time together. You get the opportunity to become closer, bond over new experiences and better yet, reminisce about your hilarious childhood and all the mischief you used to (and still do) get up to. Even for those living in the same city that struggle to find time within hectic schedules, travelling across the world or even a quick holiday together provides an invaluable chance to reconnect. With the challenges you face whilst travelling, you may even become closer as a consequence.

#2 They Know You The Best

Your brother or sister probably know your likes and dislikes pretty well. Not to mention your mood swings. So when you’re booking and choosing activities, you can book things that you all like. This goes for eating out too. If you know the other hates spicy food with a passion, you can easily compromise and go somewhere else. Which you’ve probably had to do more times than you can count. Nothing new there. As mentioned before, you also know when a big crying sesh or a mood swing is about to come on so you can clear out (or try to prevent it) well before it occurs.

#3 You Feel Safe

There’s no doubt that when you go travelling with the sibs, you’re going to have each others back 100%. You may have found that when travelling with friends, they don’t always support you like you would with your brother or sister. But as they say, blood is thicker than water, and whatever stupid things you may get up to when roaming the streets of Thailand, or trekking through rainforests in South America, your siblings have got ya’ back. Especially if you’re the older one and therefore probably seriously protective over your younger sibling. Speaking from experience, my 3 older brothers are hella protective over me, and whilst it’s annoying at times, it can definitely come in handy.

#4 You Can Be Your Total Self

It goes without saying that you can be, to put it nicely, weird as f*ck around your siblings. Having known them for most or all of their lives, and having seen one another at best and at worst, you can be your total and utter selves around each other. Which means, well, basically anything goes. Travelling can sometimes be hugely demanding so being able to be yourself around your travel buddies is one hell of an advantage.

#5 You’ll Have Some Awesome Stories

Last but definitely not least, you’ll be able to make some of the best memories and stories to tell your kids in the future, so cousins will be able to laugh at the stupid and awesome things you did when you were travelling together. And hopefully this will then encourage them to travel together, because trust me, if you haven’t already, you’ll learn to appreciate your siblings a hell of a lot more as an adult that when you did as a child.

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