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5 Ways Spotify Has Changed Our Lives

It’s the place that’s become the norm for all our music streaming. The place we all go whenever we need anything from a straight banger to cruisy night jam. And although Apple Music and the likes are making a push, Spotify still trumps all on the music streaming charts. This week the company turns five, and we learned some pretty interesting things about Aussie listening habits. 

The streaming service has literally changed the way we live and what type of tunes we listen too.

#1 Goodbye Alternative Pop, Hello Dance Pop

Spotify revealed the top ten genres that died since 2012 and Alternative Pop, you take that unwanted crown. It’s no surprise that the wider category of Pop came in as number one, but it’s the type of pop that has proved interesting. The Chainsmoker-led type of relaxed Dance Pop is what we apparently can’t get enough of. 

Essentially guys like Coldplay, The Chainsmokers, Kygo & Calvin Harris are the modern versions of Good Charlotte, Yellowcard, Simple Plan and Sum 41. Let that sink in for a sec.

Genres That Have Died

#1 Alternative Pop

#2 Math Rock (whatever this was)

#3 Gothic Metal

#4 Gbvfi 

#5 E6Fi

#6 Deep Chiptune

#7 Symphonic Metal 

#8 Post-Doom Metal

#9 Vancouver Indie

#10 Popgaze

Genres That Have Blown Up

#1 Pop

#2 Dance Pop

#3 Pop Rap

#4 Tropical House

#5 R&B

#6 Post-Teen Pop

#7 Rap

#8 Southern Hip-Hop

#9 Rock

#10 Hip-Hop

#2 Congratulations Canberra

Small in size, but damn bloody high in good vibes, Canberra was named the most musical location in Australia. Although not having the sheer numbers of population like the rest of the country, the capital had the most density in terms of people listening. It’s no wonder festivals like Spilt Milk have reigned in on the location, proving the city is more than just parliament and Questacon.

Residents of North Sydney and Surry Hills closely followed, so shout out to you Sydney-siders.

#3 We Can’t Live Without Drake And Justin

It’s no surprise that Drake came in as Australia’s Top Streamed Artist of all time.

His played-at-every-club-bar-party-and-event-everywhere choon One Dance, came in as Australia’s Top Streamed Track overall. And hot of the success of his More Life ‘playlist’, he could be set to hold that title for quite some time.

Also, as much as we don’t want to admit it, we are all a little bit of a Belieber (go on, deny it.) Justin Bieber’s album Purpose came in as Australia’s Top Streamed Album. Four of Bieber’s catalogue (Sorry, Love Yourself, What Do You Mean and Cold Water) came in on the Top Ten Most Streamed Tracks list.

Drake and Bieber our modern day Elvis and Sinatra? I’ll stop now.

#4 Flume Is Our Poster Boy

Flerrrrrrrm. Old mate Harley came in as number eight on Australia’s Most Streamed Artist List and is the only homegrown artist on the list – amazing to think given the popularity and success of Triple J over the years. Two of his songs, Never Be Like You and Say It, were in the Top Ten Most Streamed Tracks list.

He sells out huge venues overseas and has quite literally inspired a new golden age of Australian music.

Top Ten Most Streamed Tracks

#1 One Dance – Drake

#2 Closer – The Chainsmokers

#3 Lean On – Major Lazer (feat. MØ & DJ Snake)

#4 Never Be Like You – Flume

#5 Cold Water – Major Lazer (feat. Justin Bieber & MØ)

#6 Sorry – Justin Bieber

#7 Love Yourself – Justin Bieber

#8 What Do You Mean? – Justin Bieber

#9 Say It – Flume

#10 Starboy – The Weekend

#5 We Are on Our Phones More Than Ever

Spotify revealed that 69% of streaming is coming from mobile devices, which is up 17% from last year. People are listening to music mostly while doing housework (53%), cooking (42%), or chilling (55%). 

While these stats certainly come as no surprise, they certainly do confirm our infectious love for music. Given how native it feels, music almost belongs with every type of activity. And now more so than ever, apps like Spotify are embedded into other apps and programs, meaning HD tunes are just a click away.

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