Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston’s Cute AF SAG Award Reunion Has Broken The Internet

No, YOU care too much about Brad and Jennifer.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are having some proper red carpet award show reunions this season. And though the two actors each took home their very own Screen Actors Guild statuettes at this year’s SAG Awards.

But I think we were the ones that were given the real prize. No offense to the Guild.

The former super-couple of the early millennia were photographed together backstage after their award wins. The Once Upon A Time In Hollywood and The Morning Show actors have, singlehandedly set the internet ablaze.

This is a proper throwback to 2003. Our hearts can’t take it.

And I mean single. damn. handedly.

What rumours the media have been spurting about a messy ending that left “Poor Jen” heartbroken and scorned, and Brad happy with the woman who ‘stole him’ away – which, btw, is a gross and ugly romantic trope – are being shattered.

I dare you to find me two exes with “bad blood” who would seemingly get along as well as Brad and Jen do.

Would your ex stop and wait backstage (when they don’t have to ) to watch you receive your statue?

I’m all for shipping it – it’s been 15 years since their marriage ended, Brangelina became a thing, and Jennifer got hitched to Justin Theroux (and they all got divorced) – but let’s not forget that Brad did cheat on Jennifer.

But, honesty, if Jennifer ain’t bitter about her ex, you don’t need to be bitter about yours.

Jen is thriving, and Brad is peaking higher than we thought he could – joking in his speech about Quentin Tarantino’s foot fetish, about his divorce, and about his Tinder. profile.

This is what happens at the end of a mid-life crisis. And if this is what it looks like? I’m here for it.

Take note, people. This is a masterclass in personal growth. They are receiving Honours for getting over it, moving on with your damn life, becoming better people, and getting along.

We love to see it.

Image Sources: Twitter (@EW)

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