I Just Wanna Know Who Is The Petty Queen That’s Running ABC Jazz’s Twitter And Blocked This Guy

Who would’ve thought ABC Jazz could be so damn petty.

Every now and then, Twitter produces a thread that’s completely unexpected but undeniably wonderful; and that’s what #TwitpicYourCelebBlocks is.

Years ago, users went diving into the settings portion of their accounts to show which celeb accounts they’ve been blocked from. Some are more surprising than others.

There were plenty of politicians and journalists using the ‘block’ button which, I mean, is fair enough if you think about how much flack they’d cop. And I can only imagine how much worse it would be now. They got out early.

But others are a little more obscure, which brings us to perhaps my favourite block of all Twitter time. It’s the only one that made me legitimately laugh out loud.

It was this guy, Ben Zachariah, who copped the B from ABC Jazz.

It makes me wonder, what would really cause you to be blocked by the national broadcaster?

I mean, what on earth do you have to do to trigger the big bad block from the ABC? You’d think it was extreme. Like, real extreme.

Well, apparently, the answer isn’t as exciting as one might imagine.

All Ben did was ask who was in charge of programming, because he wasn’t happy with the selection music on the air, and “bam” it was all over between the two.

And that’s how a nemesis is born.

I just- the pettiness. The rage-quit. I love the lightning-fast trigger finger. ABC Jazz doesn’t have time for anyone’s shit.

If I’m being honest, I’m kind of here for it.

So, word to the wise, don’t piss off the ABC. Worse still, don’t offend the jazz geeks; they will write a mean riff and, like magpies and crows, never forget their enemies.

Oh, and five years (and a few months) after the fact, looks like Ben is still blocked.

Who would’ve known that my new goal in life would be to be blocked by ABC Jazz.

Image Sources: Twitter (@mrbenzachariah), GIPHY.

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