This Travel Company Are Doing Eco-Friendly Group Tours That Look Amazing

They plant 10 trees for every booking!

INTRO Travel is a travel company that let’s you explore the world, and also give back. They run fab group trips across Vietnam, Japan, Sri Lanka (and wider Asia) + help save our homegirl Mother Earth while you’re doing exploring. They’re all about amazing trips that are both fun and feel good – you get to discover the world, and the planet becomes a better place for it.

Okay, so it’s nearly time to start booking those mid-year holidays (the earlier, the cheaper right?). But you’re stuck for choosing something that’s not just super fun and well-priced, but also somewhat ethical. Well, we’ve done a bit of digging for ya, and found a travel company that’ll give you a good time without causing any ethical ickies.

INTRO Travel not only does heaps of amazing things for the community (and wider ethical travel space) – they’re also giving up to $330 off during O-Week! Here’s why I think they’re pretty decent.

They’re Super Cute And Literally Plant 10 Trees For Every Booking

Is this not the best idea ever? For every person that books a tour with INTRO travel, 10 trees are planted in their wake. Um, talk about saving the planet. *heart eyes emoji*

The program behind this is called Small Change, where they do a whole bunch of other community work too – for one thing they help rural schools in Cambodia get supplies like school uniform and stationary/other school equipment. They also clear dangerous mine fields of un-detonated bombs (omg what) to literally save lives of both people and wildlife that might accidentally set one off.

And on top of all that, they also do beach clean-ups (wholesome AF), and have a focus on pushing sustainable farming in Thailand, too.

But that’s just the beginning, because their tours are seriously #wanderlust-inducing. Let’s explore.

The Scenic Train In Ella, Sri Lanka

The train-ride from Kandy to Ella in Sri Lanka is considered the most beautiful in the whole world. We’re talking brightly coloured trains winding through tea plantations, rice fields, vegetable farms and wild jungle. If a safari is more your style you can literally spot elephants (OMG), crocodiles and all kinds of crazy wonderful birds from your private 4×4.

Check out their Sri Lanka tour here.

Samurai Experience In Kyoto, Japan

When you think of samurais, you totally think of ancient warrior history and fantasy television dramas that revolve around ninja-skills that you can only dream of – except, it doesn’t have to be a fantasy! While the samurai gave up their swords over a century ago, so it’s an amazing privilege to get to learn how to wield their swords in the INTRO Travel Japan Adventure tour – complete with a kimono and  hakama to wear.

Check out their Japan trips here.

Delicious Food In Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Banh mi? Pho? Guoi Cuon? (You probably know them as rice paper rolls). The point is, Vietnam’s food game is out of this world, and that’s just the stuff you’re used to eating in Australia – imagine how much better the authentic food is. Ha Long Bay is world-renowned for it’s soaring limestone cliffes, boujee-AF overnight boat stays, and of course – fresh seafood, with some delicacies like Sa Sung being exclusive to the region.

Check out their Vietnam trips here.

INTRO Travel is all about super authentic travel experiences that’ll change. Your. Life. Whether you’re heading to Sri Lanka, Japan, Vietnam or any of their other incredible destinations, you’ll travel with mates, leave with family, and have the time of your life – while also still giving back to Mother Nature. Explore all of their adventures here.

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