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Here Are The Best WTF Memes And Reaction To Grimes And Elon’s Kid, X Æ A-12

Did we expect any different from Grimes and Elon?

Celebrity baby names are always unique, to say the least. We’ve had Apple, Buddy Bear, Blanket, Blue Ivy, and let’s not get started on the Kardashian/Jenner baby names (I love you Khloe, but True? Really?). Now, Grimes and Elon Musk have blessed us with their son, X Æ A-12. It’s certainly an… interesting choice. If you’re sitting there thinking “…what?”, you’re not alone.

Grimes has offered us confused souls a breakdown of what the name means, but it doesn’t actually clear anything up for us and we have no idea how the heck it’s actually pronounced.

Twitter Wins At WTF Reactions

I’m trying to guess how it could be pronounced (x-ayee-a twelve?), but until they tell us themselves, here are some of the most hilarious WTF reactions to the name:

Brb, currently dying of laughter at these reactions and can no longer breathe.


Image Source: Instagram (@grimesofwar), Unsplash (Florian Olivo)

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