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Yeah, We Supported Chris Evans After His Nudes Leaked, But Where’s This Energy For Women?

Chris Evans has been trending on Twitter – for all the wrong reasons – after accidentally sharing an explicit picture to his Instagram stories.

The actor shared a screen-recorded video of him playing the charades game ‘Heads Up’ to his stories. When the video ended, it showed his camera roll which also included a picture of a penis – which no one has laid claim to.

Yet, despite his speedy effort to erase the mishap from the internet, his fans were quicker and started circulating the blunder across social media.

The Reaction Has Been Overwhelmingly Positive.

Which we love to see.

It seems that everyone really did assemble to rally around Captain America. Some made light of the situation, like his Avengers co-star Mark Ruffalo, and his younger brother Scott Evans did.

While fans urged people to not share the video, and instead, to flood social media with more PG content (often featuring Chris’ dog) or friendly memes to ‘cleanse’ the timelines and search results.

I am 100% here for this supportive energy. More of this, please. All day, every day. Thank you very much.

But Where Was This Support For Women’s Leaked Nudes?

Where, pray tell, is this energy when woman’s privacy was violated?

What about when Jennifer Lawrence’s iCloud was literally hacked in 2014 and pictures of her body were drip-fed out to the masses?

I didn’t see this kind of mass-protection when Vanessa Hudgens’ privacy was violated when photos of her nude teenage body were leaked.

Or Jessica Alba. Or Scarlett Johansson. Or Amanda Seyfried. Or Becca Tobin. Or Kim Kardashian (and I’m not just talking about the sex tape).

Just because Chris Evans made the leak himself, doesn’t make his photo or reputation more worthy of protection. If anything, the fact that if and when a woman’s nude photo is leaked without their consent and with, it almost always seems, malicious intent (like in the rising cases of revenge porn), they are in more need of the public’s defence.

But where is it? I don’t see it.

Okay, Chris Evans suffers from anxiety (and I can only imagine how awful this must’ve been for him). But let’s not pretend that female celebs (and humans) also deal with anxiety, whether diagnosed or not.

I hope that everyone tweeting they “feel so bad for him”, or “he’s probably so sad”, or pleading that we “pretend nothing happened”, brings the same energy to any other person (especially women) if and when their nude photos are leaked.

How about we stop stigmatising sex and nude bodies. Let’s stop shaming people who celebrate and share their sexuality – if and when it is consensual, legal, and ethical.

How about we stop blaming women, especially, for taking their photos “if you didn’t want them shared”, and start blaming, naming, and shaming the creeps who hack, distribute, and re-share them.

I think this Twitter user put it best:

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