Best Spots To Catch Summer Views At In Canberra

They call it The Bush City of Australia, and they aren’t wrong. Canberra is set around kilometres of lush bushlands and mountains, mountains with views that will take even the seasoned hiker’s breath away. So back some delish treats, some water (and wine) and gather the crew; views are calling.

Mount Ainslie

Located just north-east of the CBD, Mt Ainslie takes the reign of being the most convenient place in Canberra to view the whole city and beyond. You can either park at the bottom car park and hike up the mountain, or drive up to the views on top. Look out especially for the stunning views of Parliament House. Perfect for the sunrise, sunset, a day walk or even a midnight drive. Whatever time of the day suits your inquisitive eye’s needs.

Mount Pleasant Lookout

A turn off Fairbarn Avenue and through the ADFA (Australian Defence Force Academy) will take you on a scenic drive up Mt. Pleasant. During daylight saving time, this road is only open from 9am-7pm so a sunset is out of the question, only day mountain views. But if you wait until daylight savings is over and the sun sets before 7pm, the views from the top of Mt. Pleasant towards the west side will not disappoint.

Telstra Tower

Located just west of the CBD is Telstra Tower, which is a standing structure quite obvious from anywhere in Canberra. Driving up Black Mountain Reserve will take you to the base of the tower, where you have to pay $7 (come on, it’s Telstra after all) to take a lift up into the tower at various levels, one which includes a bar and restaurant.

Red Hill Cafe

Just a short drive south of the CBD and Parliament House, you will find yourself at Red Hill, which is a smaller mountain that gives eyes on the bush city. On top of this hill you will find the lovely Little Brother Cafe where you can sit, eat or drink, and enjoy the views while you indulge. Perfect place for a coffee and a walk.

The Arboretum

Great for a picnic, to read a book or just to admire some of Canberra’s finest plants and gardens, the National Arboretum is a great place for something different. With beautiful views of the east side of the city and some lush country side, you’ll be transported.

Mount Gibraltar

Lastly, but definitely not one to be missed, we have Mt. Gibraltar. This iconic mountain of the Canberra bushlands is unmissable. A bit more of a drive to get to this gem, located 45 minutes south-west of the city, the drive offers some of Australia’s most quality valleys and green fields. Gibraltar Falls is a great place to stop off on the way there or during the drive back.

It’s about three hour round trip to from the car park to Gibraltar Peak and back, and you will be welcomed by some of the land’s finest wildlife. All types of lush forest terrain will engulf you, from pine trees, to bird-filled rainforests, right up to the top of the Gibraltar Peak. Oh and did I mention the views? Drake would be proud.

Image Source: Wikipedia, Weekend Notes, Lee And Kylie, John Harris Photography, Max Res.

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