Chatime Is Dropping A Free Year Of Bubble Tea For Students This Week So Move FAST

One, two, Cha-Cha-Chatime!

Listen us students seem to froth Chatime almost as much as we froth freebies. And our mates at are here to facilitate our love for sipping on bubbly sweet tea and bargain-hunting tendencies during this second-coming of Christmas – a.k.a. O-Week.

I mean, isn’t freebie season (O-Week) the main reason why we put ourselves through all this learning madness again? For the discounts? (I think, yes).

And boy, do they have the deal for us suckers (pardon the pun) and us chewers of pearls. We’re talking half-priced Chatime bubble tea. Yep, half-price!

All you’ve got to do is sign up to, download the Chatime Loyal-tea app, and order your juicy, half-price, fruity, iced tea. You’ll get a unique promo code that can only be used once with each transaction – so if your mates want in, they’re going to have to jump on the discount train themselves.

And without even trying, signing up for the half-price bubble tea will automatically enter you in a competition for a chance to win a year of free bubble tea for you and a mate. The benefits just keep rolling in.

Talk about spilling the tea.

But the deals don’t end there. has a whole host of amazing deals for literally everything and anything a student could ever want or need (including winning a whole year’s worth of Grill’d !!).

Just for signing up, you get access to a whole host of amazing deals for literally everything that a uni student could ever want or need. We’re talking Chatime (yes, pls), Grill’d, Boohoo, Microsoft tech, travel deals, activewear, and more! Seriously, check out some of the best deals here.

It’s an addiction, but one I feel no guilt for. Especially because Chatime has launched Project Happy Turtle, which aims to eliminate single-use plastic by this year. That means they’re trying more eco-friendly alternatives to their usual tea-drinking apparatus.

They’ve already quit plastic bags and are offering cardboard holders for big orders (woo), their iconic thicc straws are now top-quality paper, and some stores offer nifty reusable cups. And this month they’ll be trialing a disposable (biodegradable) bioplastic cup and seal. Any excuse to drink bubble tea – now, it’s because I’m saving turtles. Love it.

So whether you’re a tea traditionalist or mixologist, and whatever fruit tickles your fancy – mango all the way, baby – sign up today and save yourself some $$$ on your weekly Chatime splurge.

[Don’t pretend you aren’t figuring out how to get your paws on that sweet, sweet satisfying boba between classes. I see you – and I’ve been you.]

Treat yo’self baby – without the guilt of chipping too deep into your savings. will be running from February 10th until the 29th and you best believe it’s gonna be an absolute student deal bonanza. Once we hit March, it’s game over – so go forth and swim in rivers of bubble tea, my friends, dive in! Save your cash and sign up here.

Image Sources: Facebook (Chatime Australia)