We’re Giving Away A Years Worth Of Grill’d Burgers With O-Week Online So Act Fast

You snooze you loose.

O-Week is fast approaching (heck maybe it’s already here at your uni/college/TAFE?!). But I know what a crazy time it is for us students – what with enrolments, club sign ups, and best of all, freebies. I mean let’s be honest it’s all about the freebies.

Speaking of free stuff, have we got a doozy for you here. Because we’re teaming up with to give away a whole years’ worth of Grill’d healthy burgers for FOUR lucky winners. That’s one whole year for four of you lucky ducks!

Basically, is like well, an online O-Week (you’re shook I know) which is open to anyone and everyone who is a student across Australia. And they essentially collect all the O-Week deals and puts them in one place for your perusing pleasure.

It makes taking advantage of all the student deals heaps easier, and they’re bragging a solid 30-80% off certain brands, free mini golf, free bowling, and free drinks. I mean look, it’d be rude not to honestly.

But anyway, back to burgers. To be in the running for this mammoth giveaway, all you have to do is sign up to here and become a Relish Member. Then you’ll be in the draw! That’s literally it. I mean just imagine… so many juicy burgs.

Now, let this sink in for a second – imagine all the $$$ you could save if you didn’t have to constantly spend money on eating out all the time. My heart sings at the thought of it. When you win, you’ll have enough free burgers to eat one a week for the rest of the year. Each burger can be claimed up to the value of $16.90 –  that’s nearly $1000 of SAVINGS!! My god, my bank account just got new life thinking about it.


Plus, Grill’d is actually doing some really cool stuff, on top of that place-a-bottle-cap-into-the-jar gig that makes me a delighted child every time I get to choose what community group they donate to. They’re focusing on having healthier alternatives to the typical fast food burger, so your newly won year-long diet of Grill’d can be guilt free too!

And the extra bonus? Not only do you go into running for this tasty treat, but you also go into the prize pool for a bunch of other fab things including free Chatime for a year! Check out all the tea (no pun) here. will be running from February 10th until the 29th, and you best bet they’ll have some amazing deals up every single day. Sigh. What a blessing for that povo student life. Click here to get more info and sign up for all of the savings this O-Week!

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