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How To Nail Your First Festival Experience For Max Good Vibes

Zero ragrets.

The weather is getting warmer, the winter coats are being shed, and summer festival season is truly here. It brings an array of good memories, and hopeful future ones we’ve yet to make. We all remember our first festival experiences, and we all know that we (sometimes) would have done things a little differently.

For those who are yet to be initiated, or are still trying to get the balance right, we’ve teamed up with headspace to bring you the Ultimate Summer Festival Guide, and have whipped up an essential how-to guide on nailing your first festival experience.

Take A Buddy

The most essential part of a festival is having a friend with you there. Doesn’t matter if you’re going with a huge group or something a little more intimate. Make sure to designate a friend who you’ll stick with throughout the festival. Through boogying on the DF, or in the never-ending wait for the bathroom.

And don’t cheap out on a semi-friend who is already going, ideally make that buddy someone you know decently and who won’t go (too) awol when it gets later in the evening. It’ll help you feel less isolated if you ever are overwhelmed – which is pretty natural when you’re surrounded by thousands of people.

Prepare For Rain

Nothing, and I do mean nothing, kills your mood more like being stuck in humid wetness, soaked from head to toe. Once the sun sets, there’s always an inevitable chill, and you don’t want to have to rely on hoping that a friend offers up a jacket. Bring one and tie it around your waist during the day, or to use as a mini-blanket when sitting on the grass. If you’re at a camping festival, make sure to bring a tent cover!

The forecast is always pretty hot, but camping festivals are notorious for having one day of rain, and there’s nothing worse than sleeping in a pool of sweat and rain. You need as much sleep as you can humanly get, and it’s next to impossible to sleep in a wet sleeping bag. (Even though to be honest would love some rain for these fires across Oz asap).

Have A Designated Spot

And I’m not talking ‘front left’ of the stage. Festivals usually have a few huge poles/flags/landmarks around for the exact purpose of helping lost souls who have somehow misplaced their friends. Make sure to allocate a spot with your circle if you get misplaced. It should go without saying that mobile service is hard to come by. An easy to recognise spot can save everyone a whole lotta stress.

Try chucking a small flag on one of your campsite tents too if staying the night/s. It will make getting back to the base easier after a huge day.

Utilise Every Aspect Of The Festival

Remember that there’s more to every festival than drinking and dancing! If you’re ever feeling like you want just a little time away, there’s plenty of solutions. Hit up the food trucks for some well-eared nourishment. Walk to a nearby hill and watch the crowd enjoy themselves. If you’re at a multi-day festival, there are heaps of classes and workshops that are free to take part in. Give yoga a try! If you go in with an open mind, you’re bound to make some new friends.

Familiarise Yourself With The Lineup

Have the lineup of all the stages downloaded onto your phone, and prioritise which ones you want to see. This will give a good indication of acts you don’t care for, where you can take time for yourself. Mosh front and centre for the acts that you can’t miss, and take some time for yourself for the artists you can. Whether it’s retreating to the campsite for a bit of relaxation, or standing to the back of the crowd to get a breather, capitalise on an organised day.

You’re armed and ready. Go forth and enjoy, folks! One thing’s almost certain: once you hit up your first festival, you’ll be hooked.

Whatever you’ve got planned at your next festival, just try to be as safe as possible. Know your limits and don’t got too OTT. If you need a few tips on having a sick time + surviving in one piece (whether it’s festival number one, or 101), check out headspace’s festivals page for all of the tricks before hitting your next big one. Be smart, have a fab time and get amongst it, without any regrets.

Image Source: Beyond The Valley Facebook

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