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How To Travel With Your Partner Without Wanting To Dump Each Other

Travelling with your other half can create some of the best experiences and memories you will ever have together. But sometimes, things play out just the opposite. Not only can it lead arguments, but occasionally, the dreaded break-up. If you’re used to spending 24/7 with your S.O, then doing it in a considerably nicer location should be a breeze. It’s when you’re unaware of each others’ hidden habits that the problems start…

Get Your Finances Straight

Before you even set off on your travels, it’s crucial to set a budget and decide who’s paying for what. If you’re paying for the accommodation, they might pay for the rental car and so forth. Don’t they say communication is key? I know it’s tough to talk about finances in relationships nowadays but just get a clear idea on what the go is so neither one of you is overspending and comes home broke and ready to call it quits. Check out our travel budget guide here for some cheeky tips to get you started.

Compromise on Activities

When you’re thinking about your destination and the activities you’re going to book, make sure you think about each other on this one. You should both be satisfied and excited by the prospect of going on holiday and going to Bali when all your partner want’s to do is snowboard is a recipe for disaster. As well as compromise, it’s important to both at least try and take part in activities that the other enjoys. This will show commitment to your relationship as well as get a couple of bonus brownie points in the bag.

‘Me’ Time Is Crucial

When it all gets too much, just leave each other alone to cool off. One day off will probably be a welcome break from both ends and means you’ll get to rejuvenate and recharge those batteries ready for another couple of exciting days. If you’re getting on like a house on fire, then maybe just a morning run, or a quick dash for coffee will do the trick too. A bit of me time is always healthy in your relationship anyway.

Ditch the Devices

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Let’s face it, nobody wants to be spending holiday, which is supposed to be ‘quality time spent with one another’, watching their travel-mate sit on their bed scrolling through instagram for hours on end. I get it, you want to catch up on your mates’ night out, but how many times are you gonna be island hopping around Greece, or walking up mountains in South America?! Resist the temptation and focus on what happening in front of you for a change.

Pack Separate Bags

This one’ll save you hundreds of arguments, both before and after you leave. Maybe you want to pack approximately 11 pairs of shoes and they just want thongs and trainers? (Perfectly alright, by the way) You’re a roller and they’re a folder? And what if their sh*t toiletry packing leads to mass flooding in the bag? No way José. Pack your own and you’ll cut down the number of potential feuds over your travels.

Work to Your Strengths

You’re meant to be a team, remember? Work to your strengths before and throughout your travels. If one of you has a better sense of direction, they can be the chief navigator and if the other is better at driving, let them take the reigns (pun intended).

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