If Someone Could Get ScoMo To Stop Smirking When Delivering A National Address That’d Be Great

So fkn sly.

Another day, another ScoMo address to the nation – yesterday’s barely before midnight and with some more info that says an entire lockdown is imminent (JUST GET IT OVER WITH IT ALREADY M888). But is anyone else just seriously over the low-key resting smirk face this man has?

Look, it’s a really shit time for the country and the world – I get he’s under heaps of pressure to lead, and lead well. But in these addresses especially, particularly the one last night, that damn smirk is almost a constant trait.

And I’m sure (I hope?!) It’s not a genuine smirk, but there’s something just slightly unnerving about the way Scotty presents himself at times. Can his PR team head down to Bunnings (while it’s still open) and buy him a face mask or something for these announcements??

There was a moment during last night’s announcement where ScoMo was talking about welfare payments, and this fucking damn smirk just defaulted onto his face. Like, are you serious man? Does he do it on purpose? Is he just incapable of genuine sincerity? Is his alter ego Arthur Fleck??

And I’m not alone when it comes to resting-smirk-face, Twitter honestly couldn’t be more on the same page as it turns out.

At the core of it, I think Scotty From Marketing does indeed lack some sincerity. We saw it with Hawaii-gate, we saw it during the bushfires, and we’re seeing more of it now (even though it might be to a lesser extent).

He’s a sales and marketing guy at his core, so maybe it’s some type of internal confidence-wannabe-big-dick-energy-vibe that evolves into this subtle grin that looks like he is just taking the piss. Honestly, I don’t know but I can’t stand it.

It may just be a physical trait, maybe my eyes have just become so biased that I see him auto-grin whenever he appears on my TV. But if his wider team could just help him at least look more empathetic when giving national addresses during the country’s darkest hour, that’d be great.

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