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Prepare Your Hazmat Suit, A Breaking Bad Themed Cocktail Experience Is Coming To Sydney

And um, don’t worry, it’s a meth free experience.

Walter White Fans Unite! A Breaking Bad themed cocktail making experience is coming to Surry Hills in Sydney next February. The team behind the incredible events, Beyond Cinema & The Wizard’s Cauldron are bringing us an immersive Breaking Bad themed cocktail masterclass, titled The Lab. These people seriously deserve an award for continually bringing our on-screen favs to life!

The Lab is an immersive molecular cocktail bar experience based entirely on the cult TV series, streaming on Stan. Your teacher or, the “cook” will guide you through the process of cooking up some delicious cocktails. (Free from all illegal or stolen ingredients, I promise!)

It has been six years since we were graced with this awesome TV show and if you’re missing it as much as we are, this is a great way to fill the void. Also, is there a better way to live out your badass Walter White dreams, without hurting anyone, doing anything illegal or going to prison? I think not.

You will be provided with acids, hazmat suits, dry ice, syringes and alcohol. Basically, everything you need to cook up some crazy cocktails using molecular techniques and scientific knowledge, Mr White style.

So gather the Jesse to your Walt and get your tickets quickly, before they sell out! Tickets are extremely limited, so you will have to move fast. (Faster than Walt when Skyler was going into labour and he also had to facilitate a million dollar drug deal…)

All tickets include:

  • 90 minutes of cooking
  • Hazmat suits
  • 2 x cocktails (non-alcoholic available)
  • Cooking and challenges led by your chief Chef

Purchase your tickets to The Lab, here.

We’ll see you there.

Image Sources: GIPHY, AMC Networks

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