16 Non-Sucky Things To Do This New Year’s Eve If You’re Not Going To A Festy

RIP Lost Paradise.

Gonna be real with you, New Year’s Eve is probably the most overrated night of the year. We put so much pressure on ourselves to make the night awesome, but it never lives up to our high expectations.

We probably started the night with visions of ourselves dancing on tabletops, bathing in glitter and surrounded by hot strangers. When in reality it’s probably 12:45 and you’re alone, vomiting into a bush in an old lady’s front yard.

If the pressure wasn’t already laid on thick enough, now Lost Paradise ticket holders have to think of plans on ridiculously short notice. New Year’s Eve is always so much easier if you’re at a festy, it takes a lot of that pressure off. But alas, we are here to the rescue, with 16 ways to spend New Year’s Eve this year that definitely don’t suck.

#1 Have A Weekender

Grab your mates, a car, a tent or an Airbnb and jump on the freeway. Having a little road trip with your friends is the perfect way to spend New Year’s Eve. It gets you out of your city, into the sunshine and lets you bond with your pals.

#2 Go Clubbing

Google parties and events happening at clubs in your city or town. Most events will be pretty pricey, but that’s the sacrifice you gotta make for a hella lit NYE.

#3 Host A Shindig

If you’re not invited to a New Year’s Eve party, just host one! This year is a particularly good year to host a party because you can make it ‘Best Of The 2010’s’ themed or ‘Roaring Twenties’ themed.

#4 Day Festival

Just because you’re not going to a camping festival doesn’t mean you can’t go to a festy at all. There are a few happening this year including NYE In The Park in Sydney and Field Day on New Year’s Day, also in Sydney. Perth has Origin Fields and Freedom Time, and QLD has Lost Festival.

#5 Fireworks

Hit up Mr. Google again and suss out where fireworks will be happening in your local area. Bring a picnic rug, some wine and cheese and have a lil viewing party. So wholesome.

#6 Have a 2010s Movie Mara

Is there a better time to do this than this New Years Eve? I think not. Gather your top 5 movies of the decade, invite your mates, your boo, or your cat and get cozy on the couch as you marathon your way into the new year. We recommend The Wolf Of Wall Street, La La Land, Django Unchained, The Babadook and Sex And The City 2.

#7 Hang With Your Rents

This is definitely an underrated option. Your parents have probably had their time of sucky New Year’s Eves and don’t have super high hopes for them anymore. Drinking wine and playing board games with your mum and dad is guaranteed to be a fun, expectation free NYE.

#8 Have A Staycation

NYE is a super expensive time for booking hotels but if you keep a constant eye on websites like and Hotels Combined, you might be lucky enough to snag yourself a sneaky deal. Get bougie in your hotel room with music, champagne and a hot bubble bath.

#9 Go Back In Time

Set your house, apartment, dorm room or wherever you live, up as a 1920’s speakeasy. Encourage your friends to dress in character. Get creative with it. Party like you’re Jay Gatsby.

#10 Cook Dinner

If you don’t want to host a whole party, just cook dinner for your friends and have a sophisticated dinner party like adults. It’s totally fair to ask your friends to chip in to cover dinner costs. This is the 2020s after all…

#11 Host A 2010s Trivia Night

Invite your mates to your house or your local pub and concoct a trivia of questions pertaining to the 2010s.

#12 Sleep Through It

No, this doesn’t make you the biggest party pooper of all time. Some people just don’t like NYE which is totally fair. Have an early night and hit the hay, so you’re not tempted to constantly check Instagram. FOMO is the worst.

#13 Dress Up

Dressing up is the best part of New Year’s Eve, hands down. So whip out your sequins, feathers and face glitter, even if you’re just chilling at home or grabbing a local dinner.

#14 Watch The Fireworks On TV

Just like you did when you were a little chipmunk. There is no shame in this at all. Pour yourself a glass of chardy, get your fluffy pjs on and chill in front of the TV.

#15 Make A Video Time Capsule

Make a night of recording your time capsule with your friends. Crack open some drinks, dress up . for it and whip out the camera. It will be a good laugh, I promise. (You might even learn a few things about your mates that you didn’t know.) And lucky for you, we have a whole article that will guide you through how to make a video time capsule and full of questions to ask yourself.

#16 Pretend You’re At A Music Festival

This is my favourite suggestion. Clear the living room and pitch a tent in it. Fill up the tent with pillows and blankets. Invite your friends to come over in their best festival themed outfits. Crank the UE Boom with the ‘Beyond The Valley 2019’ playlist. Pour vodka into yoghurt squeezies and dance the night away. This could be just as good as the real thing, but with a better night sleep and no mud or dirt.

Image Sources: GIPHY, Pexels (@CottonBro) 

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