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Signs That it Might be Time to Move Out

I know right now the thought of having to move out and leaving behind home cooked meals might sound challenging, read: horrific.

However moving out, leaving the nest, flying the coop (I think Ive run out of cliches) can be one of the most exciting and transformative times in your life. Although the timing may be different for everyone, how could anyone know when the time is truly right? Bit of a gamble Id say.

In case you think youre not ready to go all in heres five signs that prove its time to move out. 

You’re Obsessed With Interior Decorating


Suddenly IKEA is the most awe inspiring place (who are we kidding, it always was), and you have a minimum of 6 Pinterest boards dedicated to interior inspo. Let’s be honest though, when you become drawn to the Apartment section on Urban Outfitters and express outrage when they dont ship to Australia its time to pack your bags.

You Find Your Lack Of Adult Skills Disturbing

cooking skills

Worried that your MasterChef career begins and ends at scrambled eggs? You simply thinking about this state of affairs is evidence enough to force you to wrack Mums brain, write notes (maybe get her to demo as long as you can taste test) and start your search.

You Look Forward To Grocery Shopping

Surely this applies to no one who has actually been grocery shopping, right?

Anyway, should the time come when youre excited to hit up Woolies for the weekly family shop, then might I suggest it could be the right time to start shopping to fill your own pantry.

Fear (Yes This Is Actually A Good Thing)

The only thing holding you back is fear. Afraid of not making it, running out of money, getting evicted and essentially having to move back home? Use the fear to drive your motivation!

Considering that this is high on your list of concerns I guarantee youll prepare a budget to be sure you can cover rent and repayments; food, bills, a bottle of wine and still have enough left over to treat yourself at least once a month.

Or week.

Or every day.

You’re Still Here

lease signing

So youve opened up this article and read all the way to here? Good! If you have gotten to this point might I suggest that your mind is already made up?

Get going! I think I hear the real estate agents from the big smoke calling your name.

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