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The Internet Is Rallying Together To Find ‘Hannah In The Pink Wig’ A Mardi Gras Guardian Angel

Have we just found a real-life superhero? At Mardi Gras?

As Mardi Gras weekend draws to a close, and we all return to work, still sparkling with left-over glitter (that won’t wash off for a year), stories of our shenanigans emerge. But, I’ll bet there are none quite as delightfully heart-warming (and thrilling) as that of Georgie and ‘Hannah in the pink wig’.

Georgie Slater was partying it up in the University of Sydney’s Manning Bar, dancing the night away at their Heaps Gay party. That was until she wanted to leave. But she couldn’t find the exit.

And then her guardian angel swooped in to save her. Enter, Hannah in the pink wig.

“If you wore a pink wig last night and your name was Hannah and you held my hand at Manning Bar to help me track down an exit, please let me know as I love you,” she tweeted.

The tweet has taken the internet by storm, being liked and retweeted thousands of times (not to mention shared across platforms). It seems that everyone has come together to try and track Hannah – the hand-holding midnight hero in shining pink wig armour – down.

Though Georgie said, at the time, “no further questions” there have been plenty of questions, including: why couldn’t you exit the bar?

“I was trying to find an exit and everyone was being super unhelpful,” Georgie tweeted.

Apparently, not even the security guards could help her find her way out.

So Hannah, if you’re out there, please hear our calls. Literally, hear them, there are heaps of hashtags emerging: #findhannah, #welovehannah, #WhereIsHannah, #wearehannah, #hannahfromheaven. And if they are anything to go by, your growing fan club will shower you with praise.

Or, stay in the shadows like the heroic wigged crusader you are. You do you.

Give us hope, mysterious Hannah in a pink wig! We need you!

Image Sources: Closer.

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