10 Things We Need To Cancel Immediately According To Twitter

For real, though.

Love it or hate it, cancel culture is all the rage at the moment (thanks to your collective fans on Twitter). And recently, people across the globe are sharing things that they think should be cancelled pretty asap. And while some of them are outrageously controversial, some of them I can seriously get around tbh.

Arguments aside, here are ten things that we 100% NEED to cancel immediately;

#1. Your Unused Gym Membership

Stop lying to yourself – you’re not going tomorrow.

#2. iCloud Storage Reminders

I get it Apple, I have a lot of selfies on my camera roll.

#3. Christmas Decorations In September


#4. Trump On Twitter

Let’s not forget the whole ‘global warming was created by China’ incident.

#5. Kale

No one actually enjoys eating kale. Ya’ll lying to yourselves.

#6. Riverdale

Does anyone even watch it anymore? You need to stop if so.

#7.  Plastic


#8. My Credit Card

I hear you, Mickey. Cancel mine too, while you’re at it.

#9. Not Having Dogs In The Workplace

100% worth the distraction.

#10. All The Subscriptions

Maybe it’s time to rethink the Stan, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Spotify, Apple Music, Tinder Premium and Foxtel subscriptions. You probs need three max.

Image Sources: Twitter 

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