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5 Artists You Need To Hear Before Laneway

The Laneway lineup is often a site of much discomfort, it has a way to make you feel just a little out of touch. Curated by the experts who helped give Flume a leg up onto stage, they’re tastemakers in their own right. When the 2017 lineup was released cries of a poor lineup erupted onto social media, an unfair judgement when you haven’t even heard of some of the bands. I certainly hadn’t.

So if the late summer party is your kind’ve thing and you don’t recognise every name on the bill here’s the 5 artists to add to your rotation before the big day. The start of a wider music education, enjoy the sweet sounds of summer courtesy of Laneway’s fine picking skills.

#1 Jess Kent

When Jess Kent tells you to get down, you do as you’re told. It feels like a spicy new Tkay Maidza or a vintage M.I.A. track, both things we love to no end. She manages to carry the Aussie accent without difficulty, an all natural vocal we’re keen to hear on repeat. Hip hop vibes, the beat of a reggae drum, Jess’s voice breaks through it all. Dance to this up and comer live and see for yourself.

#2 Baro

A rapper who with expedient speed has captured all our thoughts and dreams in a few tracks. The coo of a sax, a trill of electronica and an easy way about his music, Baro is a new favourite. Conversational and catchy, his raps feel like stories of your own hushed amongst friends. Good vibes all around, you better believe his Laneway performance will be stellar.

#3 Ecca Vandal

Don’t try to classify Ecca Vandal’s music, her noisy and contagious music is often without genre. A splash of punk rock, a swagger of hip hop and the the echo of a gig ringing through your ears. It’s sassy, smart and meant to be played at an all time volume. So expect a speaker breaking performance laden with energy when she takes to the stage.

#4 Fascinator

A smorgasbord of sounds that you can try to wade through but hey, best of luck. Fascinator take you on a psychedelic trip, where the LSD is optional and you’re not completely sure whether you’re out of space or in a medieval court room. Twizzling beats, a consistent tap of drums and choral tones are identifiable in the mash. Fascinator manage to make a song where the only lyrics are Oh Bukkake, into something wonderful. Expect a masked performer on stage, just for a little extra novelty.

#5 GL

Dripping in 80’s nostalgia and carried by soul scorching vocals, GL is a good time all around. It feels all too familiar, a twinkle here, a synth cascade there but with Ella’s vocals added in it’s a whole new ball game. It’s music to groove to on the surface, but still feel in the pit of your stomach with each high note, an infectious sound. Swaying and cutting the finest of shapes while watching these wonders on stage never sounded so good.

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