5 Brekky Concoctions To Try In Perth

Perth locals have it pretty sweet, the beach, the food and the relaxed vibe that flows throughout. But let’s focus on the food, the cafe culture west side is thriving. Hungry and willing to travel well beyond the city for tucker, Perthians are a bunch of breakfast enthusiasts. So bookmark this for the next hungover brunch or use this guide as a to do list of eats. Don’t look back and think I could have eaten that.

#1 Nic & Kolo

A new coffee hotspot, Nic & Kolo’s all day breakfast offering doesn’t disappoint. Canadian style pancakes where fluffy hotcakes meet thick slabs of bacon and a dollop of caramel creme. Don’t let the dainty flowers atop distract you from the mountainous serving you’re about to conquer, take your photos quickly and dig in. Be sure to grab a takeaway coffee post, the printed logo is delightfully minimalist.

#2 Sapore Espresso Bar

You may know them for their gourmet shakes and divine Nutella hot chocolates, but what about the food? If you plan on indulging in the chocolatey creations your breakfast choice must be made wisely, enter the corn fritters at Sapore. Served with avocado salsa and lathered in balsamic, the corn fritters are of ideal consistency. Too much corn in a corn fritter, is most certainly not a good thing. You can have your shake and eat too.

#3 Sayer Sisters

Tired of the usual eggs your way? Crack open the croquettes at Sayer Sisters for something a little different. The menu is seasonal but at the moment it’s leek and parmesan croquettes which are to die for. Your bowl may look like a savoury cereal of sorts, filled with the croquettes and soft poached eggs but this is savoury breakfast with a twist. For the indecisive or sweet tooth averse, tuck in.

#4 Gusto Foods

The french toast here is beyond. Why even look at the rest of the menu? It’s not merely eggy bread with some bacon, this is art. House made popcorn honeycomb atop, caramelised bananas and a helping of hundreds and thousand topped cream or chocolate. Here french toast is the blank canvas and Gutso threw everything delicious they could at it. Oh the crumpets and B&E are great too, but come on indulge.

#5 Jack & Jill

The pilgrimage out to Jack & Jill is a weekend ritual for some. Kalamunda adventures rewarded with food so impeccable you can’t be sure it’s breakfast fare. Crack an egg on it and call it brekky. Fried chicken and waffles, kimchi spiced quinoa bowl or the MVP that is their pulled pork benedict. Smoked salmon and ham be damned, the combination of pulled pork with flavours of apple cider and sprinkles of pork crackling dusting the top. You’ll have the drive home to plan out your next visit and nurse that food baby.

Image source: Morsels, The Food Enthusiast, Yelp, Diary of Ange.

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