5 Dirt Cheap Wines That Are Actually Delish

With the weekend upon us, it’s only fair that we treat ourselves to a half decent glass of nectar for all the hard work we’ve done all week (celebrate the small wins). We’ve found the best wines you can grab from your local Dan Murphy’s around the $15 mark that actually taste pretty damn good and are still good bang for your buck. 

Just please, dear god no more Fruity Lexia ’cause it sure as hell does not make you any sexier, who are you kidding here?

#1 White 

Don’t even think about gambling away that tenner on a Marlborough Sav you’ve never heard of. It’s just not worth it (tried and tested).  White’s are hard but it’s always good to look for the offers. If you can grab a $20 bottle of Sav in a half price deal, it’s totally worth it. If not, check out Villa Maria’s Sav Blanc at a healthy $14.99. As one of the most awarded Kiwi wineries, you can’t go wrong. 

#2 Sparkling 

Being a pretty standard wine, you can definitely get away with saving the pennies when it comes to sparkling. That’s because the more effervescent a drink is, the more it masks the flavour and therefore it doesn’t exactly matter what you’re tasting (as much). Try the Seppelt Fleur De Lys NV at $9.99 for a special occasion, or even just a hump day treat. 

#3 Rosé 

Perfect with any dish, Rosé works well if you’re popping round to a mates for dinner but are clueless on what’s on the menu. Deep Woods Harmony Rosé is a sure hit at $12.99. Light and dry, the blend of tempranillo and shiraz grapes gives this wine a fruity taste. For the low price, it’s a winner. 

#4 Red

When you’ve had one of those days and all you need is a goblet sized glass of good red, Ingoldby’s Shiraz will help you indulge. Mclaren Vale is known for producing world class reds, so if you’re not a shiraz drinker, look out for any reds from this region and you’ll be heading in the right direction. Ditch the Aldi own brand bottle (or cask) and splash out a couple of extra dollars for something different. And when I say different, I mean better. A lot better.

#5 Moscato

We couldn’t miss out this one for the suckers of a sweet Moscato. Look out for Innocent Bystander. The winery is literally taking the country by storm, and this particular wine is shamelessly easy drinking. Although a slightly higher price of $19.99, it’s perfect for a summers’ evening. We all deserve better than a bottle of Gossips, so branch out a little. 

If you’re hosting a swanky af dinner party or you’re just cooking for your S.O for a chill Friday night, check out our post about matching your foods with wine.

Always drink responsibly.

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