What Wine To Drink With Your Favourite Summer Foods

Get cultured.

Crack out the champers and heat up the barbie because Summer is (pretty much) here, which means less complaining about the weather, and more drinking on Wednesdays.

Whether sausages or ice blocks are on the menu, the type of wine you bring to the table will always have the ability to make or break a meal. Clue yourself ito some basic wine matching by checking out our top suggestions to pair with Australia’s favourite summer foods.

#1 Sausage sizzle

If you’re getting excited about grilling season, you’ve probably already filled the pantry with condiments. What to drink with it though? If you want to go with a white, the no-brainer pairing for sausages is a rich, high acidic, flavourful riesling. If you want a red, bigger is better so opt for a spicy Shiraz.

#2 Prawns

No day-time get together would be complete without a bowl of unpeeled prawns, but a seasonal treat calls for a simpler wine. Italian whites like Pinot Grigio  or Vinho Verde will be soft enough that they won’t confuse your palette. And obviously, a glass of prosecco will rarely go astray.

#3 Oysters

You can up your oyster game by paring your well-earned, fancy appetisers with a number of different wines. Fino Sherry is bone dry and will enhance the salty tang of oysters, while a racy yet fresh chablis will compliment them nicely with a minimal statement. Plus, chablis is made from 100% Chardonnay grapes grown in soil with traces of Oyster shells. Whisky and bubbles will also marry well the dish.

#4 Lamb steak

Lamb is one of the most wine-friendly of meats, but different types call for different varieties. For delicate lamb dishes such as rack of lamb served with spring vegetables, lamb noisettes or a spring lamb stew, go for a pinot noir. For fattier serves of lamb, go for reach for something more acidic to off set this, like a bottle of Chianti Classico. Cab sav or a merlot on the other hand, will be perfect with a shepard’s pie.

#5 Callippo

We couldn’t finish this list with at least one dessert option, and everyone knows Callippo’s are the Nutella pizza of the warmer months. Hundreds of Aussies every year struggle with the very real issue of wanting to hold both their calippo AND their delicious glass of bubbles, but we have your solution. Pour one straight into the other and enjoy your DIY cocktail.

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