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5 FOMO Inducing Instagram Accounts That Will Awaken Your Wanderlust

Looking for an excuse to book your next holiday? Well, here’s 5 of them.

There’s a very specific type of envy that comes over me when I scroll through a travel Instagram. I simultaneously hate and admire the person behind the photos. I hate them for living the life I wish I could, and admire them for their intrepidness. But also, I never find myself more inspired to get out into the world than after a particularly painful travel binge.

So, I’ve taken a look through the accounts that I follow to deliver you five of the best. Warning though. They will make you pack your bags and fuck off to Europe.

#1 Andrew Knapp

Incredible locations? Check. Amazing photos? Check. Cutest travel companion doggo? Double check. Andrew Knapp travels the world with his best mate Momo the boarder collie and the resulting photos are some of the cutest I’ve ever seen.


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If you’re looking for an account to satisfy your need for amazing travel shots and adorable puppers then this is the one for you.

#2 Melissa Findley

What do you get when you give a camera to an adventurous Australian? Some pretty bloody incredible travel shots. Melissa Findley seems to have been all over, and it looks like she still has plenty more to discover.


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Her photos will have you taking lunch to work every day in the hopes that one day you’ll be able to recreate at least one of her trips.

#3 Ethnosphere Collective

Looking for something a bit closer to home? Ethnosphere Collective are your go to guys. These are the dudes who check out the trails, and find the hidden waterfalls so you don’t have to. Then while they’re there, they shoot some incredible pics and videos to make you want to go too.


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They’re still building their following, but are already delivering the goods. Plus, if you scroll back a bit, their Euro summer pics are to die for.

#4 Along Dusty Roads

Andrew and Emily are the travel power couple you need in your life. Along Dusty Roads has the perfect combination of landscape and city shots to make you dream of exploring the whole world. You’ll be strolling through the streets and hiking the mountains in no time.


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Andrew and Emily show you every nook and cranny of your dream destinations. You’ll be looking up Web Jet flights by dinner time.

#5 Carmen Hunter

Basically the queen of Insta colour blocking, Carmen Hunter’s travel game is off the charts. From Africa to America to Everest, her page is the dictionary definition of Wanderlust. And some of those nature shots are totally awe inspiring.


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Carmen manages to keep everything blue, which is exactly how you’ll feel knowing that you’re not in the same exotic locations that she’s in.

Bonus #6

For something a little different, definitely check out Paperboyo. He travels the world and takes shots of iconic landmarks, but turns them into works of pure imagination. This is the levelled up version of the travel teddy in every pic.


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His intricate paper carvings are everything and I’m honestly obsessed with it.

Image Source: Instagram, Unsplash (Mesut Kaya)

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