5 Instances Of Bat Shit Dumbassery By Pauline Hanson

Trust her to put an ‘all lives matter’ vote.

Pauline Hanson is at it again with her dumbass-ery and general insensitivity to pretty much anyone not white, this time with her ‘all lives matter’ vote. The white fragility is outstanding, and I’m still not over her bizarre obsession with Uluru. For some reason, she is hell-bent on preventing the ban on climbing this ancient and sacred rock, because clearly that is the biggest concern of her working-class, rural and non-ethnic voter base.

Anyway, we’re really not surprised by the batshit insane stuff that Pauline Hanson gets up to. The second hand embarassment is real, but it IS quality entertainment. So, here’s the best Pauline moments my dudes, to reassure you that no matter what, you’ll never be as cooked as this.

#1 When She Wore A Burqa To Collective Eye Rolls

Ah yes, one of the very few memorable moments in Pauline’s Career, mostly because everyone was so astounded by the blatant idiocy and public racism of the whole thing. The funniest part is the big reveal at the end – that Hijab flick could give Regina George lessons.

Does this remind you of something? Oh wait.

BONUS JOKE: She also said she’s never said anything racist, like ever.

#2 When She Said We Should Use Cattle Prods On Climate Change Protesters

LOL This one was a goodie. In a video explaining “Pauline’s plan to punish protester pests” (okay, so we know she did year 7 English atleast), she demanded we violently punish protesters by electrocuting them with cattle prods, because democracy def isn’t a thing.

I’d say we should use a cattle prod on Pauline Hanson, but that’s animal abuse.

#3 When She Went To Lakemba

If you’re going to visit Lakemba, at least go during the night markets. Someone told her to go back to where she came from (omg legend), which gave her a big sad because she’s born here and that’s not fair, etc. Cue: literally every Aussie born Muslim/Asian person rolling their eyes so far into the back of their heads they could see their brains.

#4 Basically The Entire NRA Thing

Imagine hiring a staff member who tries to make illegal deals with the NRA, get’s exposed by undercover journalists, and then says he only did that stuff because he was “on the sauce.”

#5 When She Said She’s Never Said Anything Racist Ever

‘I challenge anyone to show me anything that I’ve said which has been racist’.

Yup, Pauline Hanson reckons she’s never said anything racist ever, including her ‘Asian Invasion’ comments and all that stuff about the inability of Muslims to fit into Aussie society, etc.

Can someone please tell Pauline Hanson what racism is? This might be like that time she didn’t know what ‘xenophobic’ meant and launched this beauty of a meme into the world.

I mean, I know most of us know Pauline Hanson is completely cooked off her rocker. But somehow, she still has a platform and followers and is a major name in politics, and it’s because Aussie culture is fundamentally built on racism, be it by Indigenous genocide or the alienation of migrants. Stay woke people, and keep the Pauline Hanson’s of the world at bay.

Image Sources: GIPHY, Twitter @cochl

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