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This Sydney Ramadan Night Market Is On All Night And It’s Non-Stop Delish

Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims, where we fast all day and pretty much feast all night. It’s all about love, family, self-betterment, and of course, food – and there’s no better example of it than the community gathering for the Lakemba Night Markets.


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The Lakemba Night Markets happen every single year from the first day of Ramadan till the last. This year’s opening night is on Sunday 5 May. The night kicks off around 5pm and goes on till 3am, for the next four weeks. The markets attract hundreds of people, and thousands on the weekend, as Muslims come to break their fast – though you don’t have to be Muslim to come!

The Lakemba Night Markets aren’t just special because they only happen during Ramadan, but also because of the kind of food there. It’s full of ethnic street foods that are often hard to find anywhere else – like Sahlab (a Lebanese dessert drink), and even the famous Camel burgers (yes, those are a thing).

And that’s just the beginning, with Palestinian knafeh (omg), Malaysian murtabak, Pakistani haleem being among heaps of other food bursting with vibrance and culture. It’s definitely the place to experience authentic street food and an incredible atmosphere. There’s a sense of festivity and excitement in the air, with an authentic street market vibe, much like the fresh naan and Kashmiri tea that you can find during the night.


It’s not just about the incredible food and culture that people bring – it’s the community and how everyone is so open and warm. The Lakemba Night Markets are the best night markets around, and proof that in Western Sydney, night life isn’t dead yet.

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