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5 Reasons Why Bike Riding Is Better

Every single day it’s the same damn thing, everybody’s nervous, honking, trying to get somewhere but really getting nowhere. You’re already 10 minutes late and surprise, surprise you’re in another traffic jam, wasting your precious time.

Now picture this. The wind’s blowing through your hair, the sun’s warming your back, and even better the traffic is trailing behind you. Isn’t this a more pleasant picture? If that’s the case, then read on and discover why you should ditch the car and switch to a bike instead.

#1 Park Anywhere

Don’t you sometimes feel that having a car has simply become too expensive? You have to pay for registration, insurance, petrol and not to mention the parking meters that swarm the city. You’re always hopelessly trying to find a place and even when you do it’s time-limited. Parking spaces have become so scarce that it takes forever just to find one. If you’re on your bike, however, you don’t have to worry about such things because you can park practically anywhere and it’s free of charge. Just don’t forget your lock and key.

#2 Eco-Friendly

A silent killer walks among us and goes by the name of pollution. Unfortunately, people don’t seem to realise the effects this ever-increasing problem has on our lives. But you can make a change. Leave a better tomorrow for future generations. Help the environment by switching to a bike instead. Imagine if every third person opted for a bike instead of a car. The world would be a much cleaner and healthier place, wouldn’t it? So why not do your bit and go green.

#3 Health Benefits

Riding your bike daily even if it’s only for half an hour can greatly diminish your chances of developing some type of cardiovascular disease. Also, not only will you be fit as a fiddle, but it’ll be a fantastic workout at the same time. And it’s such a fun one that you’re not even aware how many calories you’re burning. Not to mention that it’s anti-stressful. If you had a lousy day, just get on your bike and ride away into the sunset. It will help you clear your head and make even the most terrible thing seem a bit less serious.

#4 There’s No Age Limit

A person never forgets the first time they learn how to ride a bike. Age should be no barrier, so be a kid again and regain that unique sense of freedom. If for some reason you can’t paddle as well and as fast as before, not to worry. There are great e-bikes out there so you don’t have to give up cycling. And regardless of the distance, when travelling with e bikes commuting is not a problem at all. Plus, with a little practice out on the bike routes, you’ll be great again in no time.

#5 Enjoy The View

There is so much beauty in Australia that gets overlooked because we drive past it too fast. But when you’re on your bike it’s a different story. As you ride through some of the most beautiful scenery Australia has to offer, you become part of it. There are numerous bike routes that you can take and enjoy. It can also be a great opportunity to make some new friends. Some of them can become your ride buddies and so you’ll always have someone who’ll want to go for a spin or two.

Don’t neglect your bike any longer, jump on, and I guarantee you, you’ll be at your next destination faster and with greater ease. Remember though, if you’re hitting the streets to always travel in bike lanes where possible, wear a helmet and follow the rules.


Image Source: Pexels, University of Sydney, Bicycling, Western Australia Tourism

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