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5 Most Scenic Bike Trails Across The Country

You won’t believe you’re actually exercising.

Alright folks, so Australia is the size of main land Europe, and like the lands of the north, we are becoming more and more into bikes. The result; on offer are different kinds of trails (and they are always on the rise), so you can, with ease, find the one that works for you.

Is time an issue? Do you have only an afternoon to cycle, a day or two, or perhaps you can spare a more than a week? We got you covered. Even better, most trails account for different levels of cycling expertise, and provide both road and off-road trials, so no need to be in Tour De France training mode. So strap in and whip out the lycra, here are the best cycling experiences our great nation has to offer.

#1 Mt Buller

Mt Buller is the perfect place for taking out your mountain bike. It is the home of Alpine Epic, a 43km long trail, deserving to be called ‘epic’. The path runs through the forests scenery, and with twists and turns, it makes the trail both challenging and mesmerising.

Despite being a magnet for experienced cyclists, Mt Buller offers a variety of trails differing in cyclist expertise, so even if you only cycle as a hobby or you are still in training, Mt Buller is a safe bet.

#2 Munda Biddi Trail

Where is this, you may ask? The Munda Biddi Trail, in Western Australia, is somewhat different from other trails from the list, as it is an off-road trail, and with its 1000km it is one of the longest of its kind in the world. This trail running through the outback and small towns uncovers Australia’s hidden treasures, such as eucalyptus forests and river valleys. Despite its length and the wildness of its nature, the trail is recommended for all cyclists. Also the trail can be conquered in sections or you can choose which part to ride and which to drive.

#3 Mawson Trail

In the south of Australia, Mawson Trail is a 900km stretch through the outback. The trail starts off in Adelaide and goes north to Blinman, through the Flinders Ranges. The trail is secluded from the main roads and follows fire trails and Heysen Trail bush walk. Only a part of the trail is road trail, so unlike Munda Biddi, Mawson Trail is primarily for experienced cyclists, but it is perfect for cycling in sections.

#4 Rottnest Island

In Western Australia offshore from Perth, lies the cycling island – Rottnest Island. It is a true cycling sensation as no other vehicles, with the exception of buses, are allowed on the island. Unspoiled nature is thus guaranteed. Discover more than 60 beaches and find the one that catches your eye. The ride itself is not too difficult as most land is even and the whole island can be cycled through within a couple of hours. But the best part has to be all the cute quokkas you’ll meet along the way.

#5 Maria Island

If Rottnest Island is too close to the city for your taste, you should try visiting Maria Island located off mainland Tasmania. Apart from being secluded from the rest of the country, Maria Island is also a national park, so no vehicles are allowed, not even the occasional bus. Experience true natural immersion without the interruption of car horns and vehicle pollution. Unlike Rottnest Island, the ride is not a short one, as it can take up to two and a half weeks, depending on how much you want to see. Saying that, it’s the perfect opportunity for a camping trip so be sure to bring the right equipment for survival, bike tools too.

Whichever the trail you choose you cannot fail, as most of them provide for more than one option, but only by exploring can you see which one is for you.

Image Source: Munda Biddi Trail Facebook, Rottnest Island Facebook

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