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5 Steps To Building A Better Online Profile

It’s no secret that people are watching everything you do online. Thanks to social media, every Tweet and Facebook posts you make can be seen by anyone you come in contact with. Future employers are definitely going to check out your online profile before they hire you, so we are here to make sure you don’t post anything too scandalous. If you’re feeling a little unsure on how to make the most out of your online profile, there is no need to stress. Here are a few tips that are bound to take your online profile from a five to a solid ten.

#1 Don’t Share That Video You Wouldn’t Want Your Mum To See

No this one seems like a no brainer but here us out. Of course there are heaps of funny and entertaining videos on Facebook that we always want to show our mates, but would we really want our mum to see? Instead of pulling the cheeky unfriend, just don’t share that video. We can guarantee you that if you wouldn’t want your mum to see, you definitely wouldn’t want your future boss to see it. So, the next time you are thinking about sharing that controversial video that’s pushing borderline racist, well just don’t.

#2 Stay Off Social Media After You’ve Had A Few Drinks

We should all learn from Chrissy Tiegen’s drunken tweets at the Superbowl, it’s just embarrassing. After we’ve had a few drinks we’ve shared that Insta or made that Facebook post that either doesn’t make any sense or is bound to piss a few people off. You may have deleted it the next morning, but the Internet is forever. A bad status could be the difference between getting that job you really want or staying unemployed.

#3 Untag Yourself

Just because you didn’t post it, doesn’t mean people can’t see it. Other people can see when your mates tag you in that scandalous photo of you at that boozy party last night. Go through and untag yourself from those photos or posts that you wouldn’t want your boss to see. Plus drunk face is often not the prettiest. Keep it #classy.

#4 Follow Or Join Creative Groups

There are heaps of groups on Facebook you can join dedicated to just about anything. Find a group that relates to your career or your general cultural interests and follow them. Not only will you be able to keep up what the people in that group are saying, but you could also build connections and learn a thing or two.

#5 Be Careful What You Like

When you like a meme, all your FB friends can see that you liked it. It’s okay to watch the video that is about weed recipes you can make at home, but just avoid liking it. Your future or current boss may not like the video as much as you did, and may even want to have a talk with you. You definitely don’t want your social habits impacting your hard earned profession, cause unfortunately, not everyone is as supportive as us.

Image Source: EMGN, Twitter

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