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5 Ways To Make New Friends When Moving To A New City

Moving cities, whether it’s interstate or an overseas adventure, can be the most exciting, nerve-wracking and life-changing thing you’ll ever do. From settling into a new culture/way of life, to getting a job, and even just finding a place to live, it’s bound to bring you a range of emotions. But let’s be real, trying to make new friends is probably going to ultimately determine how much you really love a new city or location.

After all, you want to be able to go to cafes and bars with people, share experiences, as well as laugh, cry and dance together. It’s already hard enough trying to make new friends as an adult, so we’ve teamed up with headspace to give ‘ya some tips on making new mates in new surroundings.

#1 Start Attending Heaps Of Events

It’s time to get your social hat on and embrace all of the new people. Websites like Eventbrite and Meetup are perfect, especially if moving interstate in Australia. Whether it’s gigs, social sports, or hobby classes (ie photography, creative writing, cooking), hitting up a bunch of events is a great way to start meeting people who live in your area.

Look for events that are free (there are a tonnnneee out there), or relatively cheap. It’s a good starting point if you don’t have any friends or contacts in your new city home.

#2 Take Some Short Courses Or Classes

If you’re a bit picky with who you befriend, dedicated short courses and/or classes are perfect for meeting people with similar interests are your fine self. Think General Assembly or short-skill based courses which you can do 1-2 days a week. Even doing a language course which takes up one or two days per week. You might lay down a little bit of ca$h to get involved, but there’s a better chance you’ll meet potential mates that you immediately get along with.

#3 Take The Yes Approach

You might not be a massive yes-person, but now is the time to become one if you aren’t. Whether it’s to attend birthdays/events, using dating apps, joining sports teams or taking on weekend hobbies, try to have a yes mindset. It doesn’t mean you have say yes to everything (that’s just a social nightmare), it just means perhaps being a bit more receptive to new opportunities than you have been before.

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It will require putting yourself out there a bit more at the start, put it should mean that you’ll meet a lot of people. Not only that, but it’ll get you doing things outside of the house and socialising when you might normally not be.

#4 Be Super Inclusive

As you start to meet one or two fresh faces, become the inclusive legend of your group. If you see someone clinging on to a conversation or not really involved, chat to them and make them feel welcome. If you’re at a networking event and someone’s by themselves, bring them into your discussion. Whatever it is, just be warm and welcoming.

Be a bit more proactive basically. It’s easy to be at a house party and just chat to your immediate friends, so try and include others when and where possible. Not only will they be super grateful, but it will just become second nature for you, and that’s never a bad quality to have.

#5 Destroy That Comfort Zone

Ultimately this all leads to one point, and that’s taking a big leap. You’ve already made a huge comfort zone jump by moving cities, so why stop there? The last thing you want is to end up in a new city, but not have the company and friends to share your time with. A lot of the above might scare you, especially if you’re not one to be overly extroverted or social.

Push yourself to step out of your zone and experience new things, and trust me the result will be not only a happier lifestyle, but amazing friends to share experiences and vibe with.

A bit stressed about an upcoming move or not sure how to make new mates? It’s pretty normal and can result in a tonne of stress you just don’t need. Check out headspace’s guide to creating a healthy headspace to see how you can meet new people with ease, and stress way less. You’ll be a little social butterfly in no time!

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