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Here’s Your First Look Of Robert Pattinson As A Rather Transformer-Scrap-Metal-Esque Batman

He still hates daylight tbh.

So we’ve known for a while that our favourite human vampire Robert Pattinson will be playing the newest version of Batman on the big screen. And today, Director of the film, Matt Reeves revealed a not-so-subtle look at the new bat-suit.

And look while we can’t see everything, the appearance is rather resemblant of a Iron Man-junkyard type of vibe. I mean your giveaway is the rather mechanical looking representation of the iconic ‘bat’ which sits on the front of the suit.

But, hey I’m loving this younger, perhaps more brash Bruce Wayne. It certainly feels edgy af and I love that for the character. It’s going too be pretty hard to step out of Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight saga shadow, so switching things up feels fresh.

Especially after the nightmare that was Ben Affleck as the OK-Boomer representation of an old an ageing Batman.

And a lot of peeps are speculating about the whole ‘mechanical’ look. Like Tony Stark in the OG Iron Man film, will this film focus on a young Edward Cullen  Bruce Wayne building the first interpretation of the suit?

There’s also some chat about the film being set in the first or second year of Bruce becoming Batman, so it could have more of that origin story feel.

Either way, it feels exciting. It feels like a saga that could have legs given Pattinson’s younger version of the caped crusader. And whichever way it goes, I’M HERE FOR IT.

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