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A New Twitter Thread Claims To Prove Justin Bieber Was Wrongly Accused Of Sexual Assault


Yesterday, news broke out that Justin Bieber was allegedly involved in a sexual assault incident – with a woman known as ‘Danielle’. However, Bieber – who’s been no stranger to controversy recently – was pretty quick to shutdown the claims. Saying it was factually impossible for him to commit the crimes alleged of him. And a Twitter user has jumped to the defence of Biebs with a lengthy thread summarising why the singer is, apparently, innocent.

Twitter user ‘simmy’ (@darlinbiebs) is no doubt a big Bieber fan, so we do already have some bias involved here. But here’s parts of the threads that the user says helps prove Bieber isn’t at fault:

Now you can make up your mind on these forms of proof, and it’s definitely still up in the air in terms of legitimacy. But there does seem a little bit of evidence that might back up Justin’s defence.

Selena Gomez As An Alibi

One thing that Justin’s story largely falls on is having Selena Gomez as an alibi; the pair of course were dating back in 2014, when this alleged incident happened. The claim has potentially massive repercussions for Bieber if true (it goes without saying obvs), so you can understand why he’s dragging Selena into this whole story. But Selena’s fans certainly ain’t thrilled with the way it’s all unfolding.

Gomez herself has been pretty quiet after this story broke over the past few days, but I think it’s fair to say she’d know all about it given the media coverage. You get the feeling Biebs might have got in touch with her, too.

Bieber’s History With Abuse

Bieber himself has confirmed in the past that he’s been abusive in relationships. And people all over Twitter are making arguments for both sides of the story.

On one hand, this is a ridiculously serious claim with huge consequences. So if Selena Gomez can confirm herself as an alibi for Bieber’s story, that’s a pretty big deal in terms of false accusations.

On the other, with Bieber’s already public admission of being abusive (in various formats) in past relationships – you can argue that these claims continue to stack up against him. So is it really Selena’s responsibility to come out and back up his side? Should it be on her to potential relive some abusive experiences to clear Justin’s name?

After the initial claim of assault, Twitter user Kadi (@ItsNotKadi) also came out with another accusation against Beiber – so who knows if more stories might be released on the back of this.

The one thing you just can’t ignore is why would the women accuse Bieber, and in so much detail? Accusations are serious enough, let alone when you accuse one of the biggest entertainers and brands in the world. Bieber’s said that he’s already looking into legal action, so we’ll see in the coming weeks how this all unfolds.

Image Sources: Twitter @agrhode, @darlinbiebss

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