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How To Achieve A Career That You Love

You’ve heard it before. Love what you do. Yeah, that’s a great proposition but pretty damn hard to achieve. Our society is unstable, and the majority of us twenty-something’s are scared shitless when it comes to our career. So is everyone else. For those of you lucky ducks who aren’t, there are gold medals awaiting you in a turn of the century linen cupboard. The bonus round is gunning for a career that you LOVE. Here’s some advice that’ll point you in the right direction.

#1 Work Smart, Not Hard

Chances are you have an ideal career in mind, but need experience first. In order to gain this experience, you need to be working in that field already. What a conundrum. Say hello to a backbreaking hospitality job or a fruitless office gig while you work for free on the side. This is when you need to ask yourself what you’re good at. And be truthful. Write it down in order to see which immediate job prospect harbours your skill set. It must also leave you with enough energy to pursue your long-term endeavour. You may need to dig around, but the perfect side job is out there.

#2 Swallow Your Pride

Don’t be charmed by “overnight success”. It’s guaranteed someone is going give you the romanticised version of how they got to where they are. How insufferable. Find out who the real professionals are in your field and contact them. Always be prepared and have a sample of your work available. They are either going to help you or not. It’s as simple as that.

#3 Accept Your Distractions

You’re going to fall in love okay. And out of it. And then dive right back in. That’s what makes the ride memorable. Don’t forget this includes your family. Allocate time to build on your personal relationships so when you get to the top, you have your loved ones to share it with. Oh, and Game of Thrones. You must make time for Game of Thrones.

#4 Continuity Is Crucial

Your end goal seems intangible because you’re most likely thinking about it, not actively pursuing it. If you want to be a dancer, dance. If you want to be a mortician, practise your make-up skills. You will suck at the beginning. Provided you stick to a regular schedule (it can be as little as fifteen minutes a day), you will get there.

#5 Revisit Nature

It’s your greatest (and cheapest) inspiration. The fresh air is also a plus. Find a patch of green or take a weekend road trip out of the city to observe nature. If you can also detach yourself from technology completely, you’re in for a treat. When the mind is clear, so is the end game.

Image sources: Pexels, Unsplash, Pop Culturalist.

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