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Aussie Netflix Is Deleting Rick And Morty (and other shows)…WTF?

Rick and Morty is just one of those shows you could watch 100 times over and be real content with yourself. It’s been a huge revival to classic animation we loved so much from our past. Unfortunately, it may be your last chance to cycle through all the seasons on Netflix again.

Supposedly due to licensing issues, Netflix Aus will be removing several seasons of Rick and Morty from its system. Along with a bunch of other shows, a few Rick and Morty seasons are going to have expired from the platform NEXT Friday, November 9th.

Take your time, say your last goodbyes, and power through the seasons once more before you’ll have to find alternate ways to view those seasons.

Luckily, the third season appears to be a Netflix original, which means it may stand the test of time against Netflix’s monthly content deletion. You’ve got a bit of a wait until the fourth season, as it is said to not return until after late 2019 with 70 episodes in production.

Here’s a list of everything else being deleted from Aus Netflix this month:

  1. Missing Korea – Nov 1
  2. My Big Big Friend – Nov 1
  3. Combat Countdown – Nov 4
  4. Rick and Morty – Nov 9
  5. The Flatterer – Nov 12
  6. Comedy Bang! Bang!- Nov 16
  7. The Arrangement – Nov 17
  8. Goosebumps – Nov 18
  9. Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey – Nov 21

Image Credit: Adult Swim

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