Australia’s Ashes Celebrations Have Delivered TV Gold, Up The Boys

Ah, the magic of live TV

Our cricketers have bloody done it, they’ve managed to hold on to the Ashes in England for the first time since 2001.

Eighteen years – that’s a whole graduating class of high-schoolers who’ve missed out on Australia coming out on top in England.

It was a hard-fought win, with England threatening to pull a Ben Stokes miracle 2.0, as their tailenders held on for dear life.

England’s batters dug in against Australia’s bowling attack for 16 overs. And with the game going down to the wire, it was left to trusty paceman Josh Hazlewood to finish the job in the 14th.

And, boy, did he deliver, steaming in to hit the pad of England’s Craig Overton dead on the stumps, sealing the 185-run win and sparking hysteric celebrations from the cricketers.

You little ripper!

The Ashes series is, arguably, the biggest deal in the game. Any Australian cricket tragic will tell you as much. So it’s understandable why the fellas in the baggy green are a little excited by the win.

And it’s resulted in some TV gold, involving the magical combination of a sports reporter, hyped up male athletes celebrating a win, and live television.

Have a squiz.

Delivering a live-cross on the Today Show, sports reporter Tony Jones was ambushed by an absolutely pumped Marcus Harris and Matthew Wade who barrelled toward the camera shouting “CHOMPERS” (Jones’ nickname)

We shit it in!

‘Chompers’ – now caught under the wing of a hyped-up Harris – laughs nervously, panic behind his eyes, repeating (hopelessly) to the men climbing all over him “we’re live, we’re live”.

But as quick as he charged in, Harris shouted “you beauty” and disappeared in a cloud of testosterone, deep heat, and sunscreen back into the huddle.

It’s the TV content only the Today Show could deliver, and hoo boy I’m glad it did.

And, tbh, I reckon it’s up there with the iconic Stevie Jacobs rooster attack circa 2013.

Well done fellas, you’ve not only won the Ashes but you’ve won morning television for 2019.

Image Sources: Today Show (via Twitter @WWOS), Gfycat

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