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Why You Should Grab Your Mates And Take A Camping Trip

Seriously underrated.

There comes a time when things get to be a little too much, and you just need a break. And when this happens, you just can’t go wrong with spending some quality time with your mates. If you all find yourselves wanting a relax and a good old bonding sesh, here’s why camping should definitely be a go-to option.

You Get To Reengage With Each Other

Sometimes we can get so caught up in work, uni and life in general, that communication gets lost in translation. By taking a camping trip, everyone is able to leave their work and commitments behind. This’ll help you and your mates reconnect and catch up with each other, and maybe relieve any of life’s anxieties any of you might have. You’ll come out the other side with a bunch of memories and a new found connection.

Break From Technology

Phone reception can often be hit and miss when camping away. This means that the temptation to check your phone on a constant basis will be diminished. You’ll all be able to get off your phones, look each other in the eye and really embrace your little get away. Not to mention, you’ll all be doing other things. Explore, swim, and sit around a fire pit like wilderness warriors (slight exaggeration.) You’ll be way too content to be bothered by a blue light screen. (PS slight heads up, make sure you take a rechargeable LED torch or two, you don’t wanna get lost looking for a makeshift toilet in the bushes, trust me).

Mental Break

Breaks to recharge mentally are essential if you want to maintain your sanity. They’re even more worth it if you’ve all got a lot on your plate. Sure, secluding yourself away in your room for the weekend definitely doesn’t lack appeal, but your emails and responsibilities are still one click away. By getting out and spending time with your friends, you’re all able to act as perfect deterrents to anything from the ‘outside world’. Having a camping trip with good banter and laughs is definitely more refreshing than a Netflix binge.

It’s Cheaper Than A Hotel

Camping is your best bet if you’re wanting to spend quality time together, but are too broke to jet off on a plane. The biggest thing that’s really required is a communal chip in for the campsite payment. The bigger the group, the less everyone has to pay (I once paid $40 in total for four days.) You can bring your own food and any activities that you choose to fill your day with don’t have to cost a cent either.

You Have The Freedom

Camping gives you the opportunity to go anywhere. All you have to do is take your pick between venturing inland or making your way coastal. Just think about how long you want to be away for, and how much you want to blow on petrol, and choose the distance accordingly. So what are you waiting for, peeps? Get moving.

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