Best Signs From Anti-Trump Protests

The election no one thought would happen, even it seems by his demeanour, Trump himself. The polls failed, the electoral college system failed and the media to a certain degree too failed. In an episode of gender bias on a scale untested before the better candidate was pipped at the very last post, for being a woman. Yeah the boys right.

Protests are sweeping the USA, with those taking a stand to the now elected caricature known for inciting hate. But with protests comes pithy one liners and artistic flair, a small comfort in a sad time. The signs at an anti-Clinton rally had she won wouldn’t have even competed. That’s all there is to say about Trump supporters really. Relive the witty placard banter, where Trump is enemy number one.

A well placed costume or two

Whether it’s puppy participation or a different P word, the protestors took there involvement to a whole other level.

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Hitler comparisons a plenty

Too be expected for the platform he ran on yes, but somehow these signs manage to capture all his repulsive qualities in a single piece of cardboard. As history repeats itself, hold on tight.

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Insight into Trump’s book shelf

When your vocabulary extends to five letter words and spews of hate, the reading list is not extensive. He probably hasn’t even glanced at anything but the pictures.

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Puns galore

What works to lighten the mood of a horribly awful reality? Puns of course.

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Simply wonderful

Sometimes you don’t need a lot to speak volumes, these signs nailed it.

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An acrostic poem too

Trump likely can’t even spell haiku never lone understand one, so it’s best to keep it simplistic at a time like this.

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Terror within

Isolating one of the main hypocritical points of Trump brilliantly. Doesn’t inciting half a country of people to deport and demonise another group (s) count as terror? Sure does sound like it.

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A solution or two

Practical solutions certainly wouldn’t go astray at a time where things may feel a little hopeless. Don’t despair these signs have the answer.

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Stellar Mean Girl’s reference

How do you speak to those damned millennials copping the blame for Trump winning? Why pop culture references of course.

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Image source: PBS.

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