Canberra Just Legalised Personal Use of Weed and OMG What

Is Canberra set to become the Nimbin of southern NSW??

The nation’s capital is now the first state in Australia that you can legally bring a joint and MDMA to a music festival. Sort of..

The ACT has just passed a bill legalising the growing and recreational use of marijuana, and no we didn’t see it coming either. The bill was voted on in ACT Parliament today and surprise, surprise, all you Snoop Dawgy Dogz out there can light up at your heart’s content.

Canberra is making progressive waves in the area of drug use as we’ve seen recently, too. The territory also introduced the successful pill testing facilities that have been available at both this and last year’s Groovin The Moo festival.

But before you bust out your bongs, there is still a legal grey area.

Territory laws have clashed in the past with Commonwealth laws. In 2013 the same-sex marriage law was revoked by the federal government shortly after being legalised in the ACT. Federal laws don’t agree with Canberra’s progressive approach to weed use – meaning that you could still technically be busted for having the stuff.

The original bill that was introduced last year underwent some changes. The law restricts households to only growing two plants and is pretty firm about the stuff being kept out of the reach of kiddies. Over the age of 18 you are now allowed to have up to 50g of weed on you.

Within the first few minutes of the news breaking and Twitter has some thoughts:

The bill is due to come into effect on January 31 next year.

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