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Climate Change Is Affecting Some Places Way Faster Than Scientists Originally Expected

Don’t panic, but also don’t do nothing.

Some places around the world are experiencing climate change at far more rapid rates than scientists originally predicted. The scientific findings this week and the alarming images surfacing on Twitter pose some serious cringe levels. So if you’re on the fence about climate change, know Greenland and Arctic Canada are currently being affected by warming temps in ways that are currently effecting their ways of living.

The Canadian Arctic Is Melting Quick

Okay so permafrost in The Canadian Arctic is literally melting 70 years sooner than scientists originally expected. A team from University of Alaska Fairbanks reported this week that the permafrost (that’s been around for the past millennia) is in fact melting. Their findings even show it’s apparently considerably warmer now than it has been in the past 5,000 years or more. Yikes.

The rapid rates of melting permafrost came from unusually hot summers, leading to the currently decimating top layer of subterranean ice. Fuckkkkk.

The effects of this are so bloody alarming that even an Indigenous community, Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation, has declared a state of emergency. The community found in Old Crow, Yukon is currently brutally effected by the rapid warming climate.Their way of life is being challenged, as caribou hunting, salmon fishing, and just plain getting around are becoming a dangerous game.

Reasonably, the people of Yukon are worried about these climate effects and what it could mean for their futures. I mean, they’re seriously noticing the effects of climate change first-hand, now. So obvi they’re pushing lawmakers to do something about it.

Greenland’s Sea Ice Is Dwindling

Scientists aren’t just struggling to keep up with rates of climate change in Canada alone. In Greenland, scientists are absolutely dashing back to the drawing board to conclude the effects of the melting sea ice as well.

To clarify, parts of Greenland do melt every summer. But typically, they freeze over again in the winter. But as of recent, that’s not quite working out too well. And this is absolutely affecting people’s  way of life.

This June in Greenland, they’re experience what’s said to be weather way above the climate rates in prior years. The image of the dogs ‘walking on water’ is strikingly abnormal.

Don’t Panic, But Don’t Do Nothing

It’s obvious the effects of global warming are making way to change terrains around the world. I mean, it’s not that we haven’t seen the effects of global warming here in Australia. Literally, bleaching has had devastating effects on our once vibrant coral reefs.

So, if you’re not doing anything to benefit the planet, you should probably start. While the government is limiting actually reasonable reforms on climate politics (cough, cough a mine just opened up in Queensland), it’s currently up to individuals to make eco-conscious choices.

Whether you’re taking public transport, eating less meat, limiting shopping at fast fashion retailers, just know your small contributions are powerful. I reckon we all need to be on our best behaviour, because at this point scientists are actually rewriting how climate change is currently effecting us, after startling realisations sparking up this week.

Luckily, being eco-conscious is the new trend. Keep cups, metal straws, veggie restaurants, and op-shops are all the rave. Being an informed consumer, voting for with the environment in mind, and knowing how climate change is affecting the globe is a step in the right direction.

Image Source: Arctic Canada Tours, GIPHY, Stephen M Olsen Twitter

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