Netflix Adds ‘New & Popular’ Feature, And There Goes My Weekend Folks

Plus a whole new range of menus.

In case you needed more reasons to binge your nights, weekends, months, years away – you’re in luck. Although we’d all love to binge the shit out of the remaining 2020 months overnight, we’re going to have to battle it out. And Netflix’s new range of menus might help.

The main new addition to the streaming giant is their ‘New & Popular’ menu. Pretty self explanatory my friends, but let me break it down for you Joeys out there.

This brand new menu option is the quickest way to find new and upcoming movies and shows, perfect for tall you water-cooler chatters who want to boast they heard about Stranger Things before it was cool.

It combines four super-useful rows in one: Top 10 (so you always know what Australia is watching); New on Netflix (all the newest titles launched); Coming Soon (movies and shows about to release) and a new row called Worth the Wait, which includes films and shows that will launch in the future, and which we think you will love.

The thing I like about the Coming Soon and Worth the Wait areas is that you can click on the bell icon to set a reminder. And whenever the movie/show is out, it will go straight to your My List. So yes darlings, you’ll always be the one recommending shows in the group chat dw.

But what else is on offer? Well Netflix have announced a few other fun menus worth exploring.


So you’ve finished watching every season of Money Heist, and the diehard fan in you can’t get enough. Or, you cried your eyes out along with Alexis, David and Noah because Schitt’s Creek is over, and it was the final season (life will never be the same again, I know).

And you’re such a big fan, that you’d love to even just get a taste of how things worked behind the scenes. And you can do just that with this new feature!! Click into Schitt’s Creek and scroll right down to find the ‘Schitt’s Creek Collection’ which includes Schitt’s Creek: Best Wishes, Warmest Regards, which follows the cast and crew through the making of the last season, along with unseen footage from the last table read. Or similarly find the Money Heist Collection to discover Money Heist: The Phenomenon, a documentary on how the show sparked a global phenomenon. 

Personalised Screensavers

If you thought actively browsing was the only way to discover new movies and shows, think again. We’ve all left our TV on the Netflix menu, or in the middle of a movie, to get to something else (no, just me?). So if you’re lucky enough to have a smart TV (or equivalent) – Netflix defaults to screensavers when idle. But the titles on these screensavers have now been altered, to be shows and movies that are similar to what you might have watched before.

More Like This

Just finished Emily in Paris (well done, that was ~quick~) and loved it? And now you’re in a rom-com kind of mood. Or a Paris kind of mood. Either way, you’re likely still in the Emily in Paris state of mind. So, if you click back into the title, and then click on ‘More Like This’ – Netflix will recommend you titles based on your love for Emily in Paris. Or whatever binge you’re vibing right now.

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