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A Full Wolf Moon In Cancer Is Coming, So Get Ready For An Emotional Month

Here’s what the first eclipse of the decade means for your emotional side.

Each full moon gets it’s own unique name and January is serving up a super mysterious one – tonight we’ll be treated to the ‘Full Wolf Moon’. If like Gina Linetti the wolf is your spirit animal, I’m sure you’re loving the sound of this. Turns out wolves love a good ol’ howl around this time of year, so our northern hemisphere friends are to thank for this one.

For those of us that live below the Equator, we’ll be treated to a slightly darker lookin moon than usual. Up north, the moon will be obscured partially by the shadow of the Earth. It’s called a penumbral lunar eclipse for you astronomy lovers.

So Where Do You Come In?

So what’s the deal with lunar eclipses and your life in the new decade? Well according to Refinery, they help us to see the whole picture and are all about truth. Full moons are strong but eclipses bring the real intensity.

For the month of January the lunar eclipse will occur in Cancer. This star sign is one of loving home and being protective. It’s a v strong emotional sign so it’s time to turn inward and be reflective. If your emotions are getting a lil intense this month – Full Wolf Moon could be why!

Image sources: Alex Andrews (Pexels), Benjamin Voros (Unsplash). 

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