In A Super Rare Sighting, Lyrebirds Helped Each Other To Escape The Fires


The horrific bushfires taking over Australia just keep bringing wave after wave of devastating news. However, despite how traumatic these fires are, people are rising to the challenge and helping each other out – even the solitary territorial lyrebird.

These birds are typically really territorial and generally keep away from each other at all costs. Experts say the most they’ve ever seen in an area are about six or seven – until now, where someone witnessed up to 20 lyrebirds herding each other towards water so they’d be safe from the fires.

BRB while I cry emotional tears over the absolute goodness of these pretty bois and gals.

Lyrebirds are actually thought to be in danger of decline because the fires have resulted in so much habitat loss. But clearly, they’re trying their best to survive – showing cleverness and strategy that people didn’t anticipate.

PJ Wallis, the woman who witnessed the “remarkable” behaviour, said “it was almost like any lyrebird in this huge radius knew that it was the safest place to be.”

I’m so proud of them.

Image Sources: Twitter @ABCscience, PJ Wallis. 

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