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Leadership Spill Drinking Games That’ll Make You Just As Loose As Parliament Right Now

Holy shit this has become one exhausting saga. We have another Leadership Spill on our hands, and I don’t even think the wider Aussie public (or the world for that matter) can believe the shit-show that is the Australian Government at the moment.

It’s less surprising and more truly sad, as a bunch of men and women, dressed in suits, argue between themselves like petulant children without lollipops.

But hey, with our political leaders in free-fall, the least we deserve is to get as messed up as they are right now. So with perfect weekend timing, here are some drinking games to get you blind and make you temporarily forget that Voldemort Peter Dutton could well be PM soon.

May god have mercy on our souls.

1 x Drink – Every Time You Hear The Full Name Of A Pollie Or ‘Crisis’

Like we said, we need to try and feel like this thing isn’t happening. Ready yourselves and be stocked up.

1 x Shot – Every Time A New Candidate Enters Or Leaves The PM Race

A wild Bob Katter appears!

1 x Shot – Group Vote Who Is Most Likely To ‘Do A Dutton’ And Stab Someone In The Back

It could get a bit heated, but you’ll be able to dir some dirty laundry without the guilt, right?

Finish Your Drink – Every Time There Is A Live Cross To Canberra

OMG guys, Channel 9’s political reporter is in Berra to tell us absolutely nothing we already didn’t know.

1 x Shot Of Absinthe – Every Time The One Who Shall Not Be Named Is Named

Damn you Ross Greenberg, can you not say Peter’s surname for two seconds?

Finish A Mate’s Drink – If Abbott Is Actually A Chance Of Running

It’s a classic dog act, made for another classic dog pollie.

Shotgun A Beer – Every Time A Live Press Conference Happens

Cheers for the update, Mal’.

Nominate Someone To Finish Their Drink – Any Time You See Or Hear The Word Showdown 

Keep your ears peeled because this is like the key to the Bachelor Pad – you could get fkd real quick.

1 x Sip Of Water – If This Thing Ever Actually Finishes

One can only hope, and by now you’ll have deserved this.

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