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Mars Just Entered Leo So Prepare Yourself For Some Serious Drama

Mars entering Leo just made this month super interesting.

Mars enters Leo on July 1, and this means a lot is about to happen in your personal life. Leo pairing up with this planet drives some serious impact in communication, so ready yourself to do a bit of oversharing. This communicative drive, of course, could mean some serious drama. So brace yourself to either take some action on bottled up emotions, or just chill out. This month could get heated, which may be exactly what we need to get through the dead of winter.

Leo, the fifth star sign, is known for being charismatic, extroverted and super impatient. So if you find yourself feeling a little testy, this could be why. Pairing this sign with Mars, a planet literally named after The God of War, will boost emotions to the extreme. Mars controls energy, courage, and rules of attractions. Meaning liquid courage can take a bit of a back seat this month. Your energy is already on the fritz of boldness and change certainly is at the forefront.

With the Leo and Mars pair, you may just find yourself an unlikely crush as magnetism, sexual desire, and impulse are heightened this month. And Leo will definitely drive you to make some interesting decisions this month (no matter what your sign is).

You are, however, going to want to take some time for introspection to channel what action you actually want to take this month. If you’re looking to spice up your love life, suss out what measures you’re willing to take to make that happen. Whether you want to someone out, go on a new date or spice things up with your partner that you want, now’s the time to take action. Depending on how you play with this fire, you could have a very good or very dramatic July.

This transit will be sore until August 18. With all this energy being around for this long, you may come across some heightened arguments as well. So wellness should be a priority this month (and well every month.) Spend some time in yoga class, journaling, going on walks or whatever it is you do to zen you out. Because, you’re going to be in for a wild ride this month.

Leo and Mars make an extreme pair, but there’s nothing wrong with channeling some boldness. Make some time for self care, mingling, communicating your emotions and sprucing up your love life. So send that cheeky text, you’ll have to thank Mars later.

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