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VR Furries Have Taken Over Four Seasons Total Landscaping And It Is Pure, Perfect Chaos

Fur Seasons Total Landscaping

Four Seasons Total Landscaping is the meme that keeps on giving and is, perhaps, the best thing to come out of this entire U.S. Presidential election.

The Philadelphia business, smack bang between a crematorium and sex shop in Philadelphia, was mistakenly booked for Rudy Giuliani and Team Trump’s presser after the media began calling his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, president-elect.

It truly was the perfect metaphor for 2020: the expectation was a swanky Four Seasons hotel, but the reality was a carpark of a random landscaping shop. You truly couldn’t write this.

And now, the debacle has been immortalised in VR and taken over by a small army of furries.

Coopertom is the fursuiter and popular YouTuber behind the VR masterpiece – that perfectly replicates the bungle, Trump 2020 podium, banner, and speakers to boot. He posted a video on Twitter of furries packing the carpet on the multiplayer VR platform VRChat.

The video is pure chaos but, as someone in the VR chat said, “this is terrifying but wonderful”. And I love it so much.

As everyone marvels at his handiwork, Coopertom says it only took him about five-and-a-half hours to recreate the scene. He was inspired by a fellow furry and VRChat attendee who tweeted out the suggestion to build it. The person says, in response to the tribute, “I was very drunk, and it was four in the morning”.

Fair enough, this seems like the thing that would be conjured up in the drunken early hours of the morning.

The scene also features a hilarious recreation of the press conference – complete with furries playing ‘cameramen’ and ‘reporters’ – and fireworks.

Naturally, the session went down an absolute treat with fellow fursuiters and VR fans alike.

But, according to a tweet, this isn’t the last of VR Four Seasons Total Landscaping.

Coopertom suggested that it will be bigger and better with time and that VR versions of both the neighbouring sex shop and crematorium are “in the works”.

I’m not sure how to get into the VR space, or the furry space, and I’m not entirely sure if it’s for me; but do know that it is pure comedy gold. And that’s enough to make me want to join. Catch you at the crematorium.

Image Source: Twitter (@thecoopertom)

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