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Nicki Minaj: Reddit Is Absolutely Not Convinced That She’s Retiring, And That It’s Definitely A Stunt

Starships were meant to… rise back up at a convenient timing?

News broke out this morn that thy beloved Megatron rap qween Nicki Minaj is calling quits on her illustrious musical career. The reason being that she wants to start/focus/create a family – potentially with partner Kenneth Petty (ironic?). Or potentially she’s just keen to take a break for a while?

What’s initially a bit hard to get for me is that old mate Perry is a convicted murderer and sexual predator. CONVICTED. Not rumoured, not alleged, this guy is a proper criminal – and he’s the guy who you want to start family planning with? At 16 he was convicted of literally using a “knife/cutting instrument” to force sexual intercourse with a girl. He’s on the sex offender list for life in New York as a result, too.

So that’s my first (and a lot of internet dwellers) gripe with this whole announcement. Either way, maybe the most surprising thing about it is that there were no rumours, not an inkling of media reporting or any news at all pre her Tweet. And let’s be honest in this day and age, shit like this leaks faster than my 1980s rental sunroom’s excuse for a ‘roof’.

And of course a minor (major? Sorry Minaj stans) announcement like this is the perfect storm for the internet to truly erupt in a world of memes and reaction. But your boys and gals on Reddit ain’t really having a bar of it.

A tonne of users just can’t seem to buy into the rapper’s retirement drama, and well can ya blame them? I mean we’ve lived with years of an apparent Minaj-Cardi B feud, which has always seemed a huge PR stunt to pump sales in albums and keep both uber-relevant.

So it might come as little (or maybe a complete) surprise to some, that a lot of the internet just ain’ buying this potential troll. I mean, let’s be honest here the likes of Cardi B have stolen the current limelight that’s for sure – even if Nicki is no doubt a more iconic name and persona in the industry. So this pushes Minaj back to the top of the social media feeds and continues to prolong interest in her as a personality and rapper.

So if you Nicki superfans out there are legit crying about her apparent disappearance, I wouldn’t start creating the Spotify dedication playlists just yet.

Image Source: Nicki Minaj Facebook

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