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All The Best Chick Flicks That Will Get You Dreaming Of A Summer Romance

After a looong winter, nothing seems better than dreaming of that perfect summer romance. Soaking up the sun with a summer fling is pretty high on all singleton’s lists. So get inspired, watch these classics and get in the mood to embrace the highs and lows of love before reality finally catches up with you.

#1 The Last Song

Nobody can resist a bit of Miley, and paired with our very own (Liam Hemsworth), The Last Song is the ultimate teen summer romance we all wish we had over the holidays. Not only does this one blossom on some beaut beaches, as we all dream of, it was also the start of Liam and Miley. It really is a true love story that gives us hope of our own.

#2 Dirty Dancing

Swayze, the ultimate swoon. And proof that not all family holidays are boring af. Baby and Johnny’s steamy dancing will get you completely flustered and potentially signing up for some summer classes. Maybe you’ll find your one true love whilst shaking ya’ hips doing some salsa.

#3 Safe Haven

A Nicholas Sparks’ classico. The perfect romance with a plot twist that’ll get you. A runaway with a dark secret meets a widowed father and they find an unlikely romance in a small town in North Carolina. Both with complicated pasts, there are twists and turns along the way but ultimately love wins. As per usual.

#4 Dear John

Proof that it can take as little as two weeks to fall in love, but also that life can get in the way at the worst of times. This sounds familiar, right? With John’s (Channing Tatum) deployment, the couple stay in touch through letters (how romantic?!) but the distance has consequences. A perfect example of a summer romance.

#5 Grease

Can guarantee I have watched this at least 30 times. A feel good classic to sing along with and wish we all still danced in partners instead of this whole grinding shabang. Danny Zuko and Aussie expat Sandy find love despite being from two very different backgrounds, yet compromise for one another in the end. This one’ll get you blaring the classics and wishing you lived in the 50’s, I can assure you.

#6 The Notebook

If you ever wanted to be in a love story, Noah and Allie’s is the one you’d want. Noah’s sheer love for Allie makes our heart melt as quickly as our frosé’s. And we all know if Rachel McAdams and not to mention Ryan Gosling are involved, it’s bound to be a good’un. Let’s face it, if your boyfriend builds your dream house for you, you can’t exactly ghost him can you?

#7 500 Days Of Summer

Featuring our faves, this one’ll break your heart. But if you’re eyeing up a colleague, this story of innocent love in downtown LA might give you some inspo. 500 Days Of Summer is a complete representation of the realities of love. The way we totally fall for someone and then slowly find barriers that stand in our way. Expectations vs. realities are some of life’s hardest lessons, but we’ve gotta learn ’em sometime folks.

#8 Brokeback Mountain

I realise that this cracker of a film spans over about 20 years, but I just couldn’t not include it for the sheer greatness of it. Cowboy friends (Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal) turned lovers learn love the hard way and work out their feelings for one another despite both having wives. Although not being totally about summer romance, it breaks boundaries and retains our faith in true love.

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