Ricky Gervais Brutally Dragging Fake-Woke Hypocritical Celebrities Is The 2020 Vibe I’m Living For


Ricky Gervais’ performance at the Golden Globes reminded me what exactly the point of comedians hosting events is – to poke fun of those that no one else really gets away with poking fun at, and to call out everyone in the room with a smile on their faces.

Ricky Gervais announced that this would be the last Golden Globes he would host, and boy did he go out with a bang. Not holding back, he called out everyone in that audience and it was honestly the funniest and most satisfying thing to watch.

You see, Ricky Gervais is right. Most people in Hollywood have no idea what true struggle is about – and half the time, they contribute to and are complicit in the very injustices they preach against in their glittery acceptance speeches.

The truth of the matter is, sweat shops and unethical labour and climate-change fuelling jets and whatever the hell else is destroying our society are often most in-demand or created by those at the top, and goddamn it was fucking nice to see them get called out to their faces.

Apart from the above speech where Ricky Gervais calls out Apple for using sweatshop labour (DRAG THEM), he also said that Epstein didn’t kill himself, and that everyone in Hollywood’s greatest fear was being exposed by Ronan Farrow, the guy who exposed Epstein for sexual abuse. And, he called out everyone in the room for being complicit in the sexual abuse Harvey Weinstein inflicted too. Damn. Home boy was NOT holding back.

Ricky Gervais is honestly saying what every-day left wing people have been saying for ages – that yeah, rich people suck and half the time their politics don’t mean shit because they actually cannot speak for the struggles that every-day people go through on a daily basis. And yes, Ricky Gervais calling out rich people and giant corps is left-wing AF, so I don’t know how he’s suddenly been branded conservative.

Kim Kardashian tweeting about climate change being real means nothing when she flies everywhere in her private jet that releases a shit-tonne of carbon, and yeah – ‘woke’ Queen Beyonce uses sweatshop labour. Basically, it’s time to start the class-war, people.

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